[CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.3 Now Available — 05/09/2022)

The new version of CSIDE (The ChoiceScript IDE) is now available!

CSIDE (seaside) is an unofficial application designed to help writers of interactive novels who use ChoiceScript, from Choice of Games.

Desktop Downloads:

Web Version (Requires a Dropbox Account)

More information available at:

And Discord for real-time discussion or feedback

Alternative Desktop Icon:

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AMA this Evening/Afternoon
Several members of the CSIDE team will be present to answer your questions; of course @CJW, but also @Vendetta, @Lordirish, and @Fiogan.

The AMA will run from 21.00 to 22.00 BST on Thursday, 15 June (15.00-16.00 CT / 06.00-7.00 Friday ACT).

Ask any of us about CSIDE, its three-year development, the CSIDE Team, @Vendetta’s CSIDE Tutorial, Testing and Debugging, or anything!

If you’ve got a question now feel free to post it with “AMA” at the beginning, and we’ll make sure we answer it later on!

We’ll also be on twitter for anyone without a forum account (though it’s worth making one!).


Why aren’t there x32 download Links ?

I’ve barely managed to go through and make sure my previous work fits the format upon importing - which it didn’t immediately because I do things weird - and I love this thing already.
I’d still love to see a document map for easy skimming through the overviews for long scenes, but that’s just a wish for future development. This is fantastic.

Great job, CJW, and a big congrats to the whole team on nailing it.


Seriously guys, CSIDE is so good. I literally was unable to cope with the CS setup because I am an utter klutz. Now probably everything you need to write a CS narrative is contained in one easy and functional IDE. If you’ve ever seen all the things that Inform 7 does in its IDE, CSIDE is very similar plus more specific CS features. Autotest and Randomtest…I never would have been able to figure those out without extensive help, but they are practically one button press in CSIDE. Those are probably old-hat to many authors here, but this thing does it all and can spit out an instantly playable HTML file for you.

There are a few things to get used to, but these are greatly outweighed by the conveniences of CSIDE.


We will not be officially supporting 32-bit releases. If the demand is there, we will try our best to provide one, but with such a small team, there has been a very hard limit to what we can effectively test and support. 32-bit architectures are on their way out, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense for us spend time supporting them.

That said, I understand that there will be cases where people simply don’t have access to anything other than a 32-bit machine, and that should not mean that you have to go without the chance to use CSIDE. You have two options there: Either make use of the website version of CSIDE (which is near enough as fully-featured as the Desktop app), contact me privately and I’ll provide you with a 32-bit copy, with the understanding that it’s not officially supported. or use the provided x86 version, with the understanding that is neither officially supported nor tested off an x64 machine.

@Hanon_Ondricek @Goshman

Very glad to hear it! Enjoy :slight_smile:


Loving it :heart:


I have written an overview of CSIDE on my blog:


The tutorial in CSIDE seems great so far. The style of the interface looks slick and simple.


I have been waiting for this since I watched the live stream in September. So happy I can finally use it!!


Any idea why the *line_break commands aren’t working?

Sorry, I know this sounds simple, but have you made sure to save your changes, and then click the right arrow on the project’s header bar to run the game again?

New changes won’t show up until you refresh the game by re-running it.


Myself, @Fiogan, @Vendetta and @Lordirish will all be hanging around the forums and twitter for the next hour or so to answer any (burning) questions anyone may have about CSIDE, its development (or any other related topics!).


(Proceeds to take question out of the oven.)
(Picks up question with thick padded gloves and tosses it in your general direction.)

Question: Do you have any plans to ask Choice of Games to integrate CSIDE into the download link in addition to, or perhaps even in place of, the standard ChoiceScript?

Of course, a link to ChoiceScript can be found on this page, specifically here.


An aside: it’s worth bearing in mind that just leaving a blank line between any two lines of narrative will result in CS doing the same in-game. You don’t actually need those two *line_break commands there as a blank line should work just as well (although in that case the blank line may need to be immediately after the *label name line, to be certain of the spacing in-game).


@Fiogan LOL I was assuming clicking restart would function the same as clicking the run button again hahahaha im dumb xD


Has been tested on two PC’s and Mac here just a little bit ago and no problems were found with running the two *line_break.

@J3loodT4lon No, it’s an easy mistake to make, the different between ‘rerun’ and ‘restart’. I’m glad it was an easy solve! (:


AMA Answer to: [CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019) - #14 by Carlos.R
Sorry @Carlos.R, we’re here, but that was quite a question to start off with!

OK, short answer: no. CSIDE is 100% unofficial, and whilst done with CoG’s blessings, is no way integrated with or endorsed by them. That’s not to say that if things go well we wouldn’t be open to a tighter level of integration, but I think for the time being, it’s safest to say we’ll just wait and see how things go! :slight_smile:


Let me just say, @CJW, you and your team beat CoG to the punch on a really awesome program! I would be very disappointed in CoG if they didn’t eventually start working with you guys to make CSIDE entirely OFFICIAL.