Autotest a different file than mygame?

I have two (so far) choicescript games that I’m making right now. I use the autotest html file to test my games but right now it only test the game in the Downloads\Choicescript\web\mygame file. I want it to test the game listed in Downloads\Choicescript\web\Reality Orbit file. I’ve tried copying the autotest html file into the Downloads\Choicescript\web\Reality Orbit file, which did nothing.
Please help and thanks.

You should move your reality orbit files in mygame/scenes folder.

Or create another copy of choicescript and paste the files there then run the tests like @RETowers suggested.


The easiest solution is to just have two different copies of CS entirely for each game. There’s no native way to do this (even we have entirely separate copies of CS for each game).


You might also want to consider CSIDE if you haven’t already. This fully supports multiple projects so it’s easy to switch between them at will, to run through an actual play-test of any project (whereby its various debugging tools come into play), and for copying & pasting such as code snippets, subroutines or even entire files from one to the other. It also fully integrates both Quicktest & Randomtest so either can be triggered from within CSIDE itself, to auto-test any currently-listed project with just a click or two.