Help with choicescript files what am i doing wrong?

Ok so here is the situation and it’s probably a familiar one to some of you more seasoned coders so I hope you hold my answer. After years of lurking here and playing all the published games as well as the wips I decided to have a go at it myself.
I downloaded Firefox and then all the files as it says in the make your own games section. I open the folder that says web on it and then click the index file with the little chrome symbol next to it but despite the fact that it looks like the games there’s no text and I cant type anything. I can code if I go through the editor folder and then click on the index file there.
Is this what’s meant to happen?
The only problem with this is that I don’t see a way to save what I have done and when I click try it in the corner I get a message that autotest is not defined.
Any help would be appreciated.

Don’t use chrome. Use FireFox.

In the web folder there’s a folder called mygame. Open that one.
In the mygame folder is a folder called scenes. Open that one.
In the scenes folder are a number of .txt files.
Those are the files in which you actually write/code.
You can open and alter them with notepad.

Thanks @Cecilia_Rosewood and @MutonElite will try those!

It works! Yes! watch out cog here i come!