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Hi guys can any of you tell me how can I make my own? Because I’m planning to but I just can’t because I don’t know when I open the dfabulich-choicescript-739f0fd folder what do I need to do I’m getting confused really please help me there are something saying like I need to open the index.html on Firefox but what do I even gonna do when I open it or why I need to open it ? Please help

Please refer to Master List: Links for Beginners to get you started. And good luck!


Hi. So when you run the index.html, it’s the script that opens the game in your default browser. Its recommended that you right click and open with Firefox because Chrome isn’t necessarily compatible with Choice script.

If you want to create your own game, you’ll find a folder called ‘web’ and inside that a folder called ‘scenes’. In the Scenes folder, you’ll see the .txt files that make up the game and that you can edit in the choice script coding language.

It’s really easy to learn and I recommend you check out the choice script wiki for any questions regarding the code. It even has a neat beginners guide.


What if I make some changes on that and I run the index.html on Firefox and test it will the change I do on the Txt files will be apply to the index.html ?
(Sorry if my English isn’t too good)

Yes, it will. Think of index.html as a shortcut of sorts. Wiki has a lot of useful info, I also suggest you check it.

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Thank you tomorrow I will give it my all free time to try to get use on it :+1::+1:

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Feel free to share your progress, here. We can help you if you encounter other difficulties.

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