ChoiceScript, need help!

help!!! i am brand new to choice script and i need to know what to do after it opens in my files. i read the walk through but it didn’t explain what to do next (am i missing something???)
many thanks,

Does this help?


thank you @MeltingPenguins but i can’t find the index.html on my firefox
edit: wait i understand now sorry
i am such a noob :sweat_smile:

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opening index.html is used to test your game.
You do the coding in startup.txt, the respective scene files and choicescript_stats.txt

When testing beforehand, you can run quicktest.html in your browser, or randomtest.html (set the iterations to 10, as 10k will take loooooong)

EDIT: Writing can be done in notepad++, scrivener and similar. Just make sure that if you use a word processor that you turned off replacing … with some funky identical looking thing and so forth ("" are another example).

the txt file shouldn’t have fancy formatting encoding, but the plain standard

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it goes to google chrome and then it doesn’t work how do i get it to go to firefox?
(i apologize for all the questions i have never done something like this)

If you’re on windows:
Right click the .html file > open with > Mozilla Firefox (you might want to set the Firefox as your default browser, too)

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this is on the index part, correct?
it just says open not open with

That screenshot looks like you have Chrome setup as your default browser.
You’ll want to open it with Firefox.

how do i set firefox as the default browser?

Ok, if you open firefox… when you open a page, you can type in


The option on the very top is the default browser setting.

k, i did that its still not working

What’s it telling you?

i clicked show stats and came up with nothing

Ok, and what do you have in your startup.txt file?

It says that and the rest of the choices

Sounds good so far, do you have your choicescript_stats.txt file setup?

also normal…?

It looks like you have a fresh copy of choicescript.

I opened a fresh copy and went to my stats screen.
It should look like this:

ok im just gonna shut off my computer and try and get this to work

You don’t have a chromebook, do you?