Can someone please help me


i was wondering if hypothetically i could write a few pages and check my work in choice of games style via making the choices myself as i go along.

i downloaded the original choice script folder extracted the contents ect. read through multiple tutorials but still don’t know how to test a sample of it.

appreciate the help if you can spare the time, thank you

Try going to the original choice script folder you downloaded, open it, then select Web, then Index. A web browser should open with your game as it stands ready for you to test it,

I am pretty sure as long as you follow this process using mozilla firefox, (because Chrome treats the tests as a security risk or something) it should let you play your game as you create it.

Hope this helps,


My guide has a walkthrough from downloading to starting writing and testing.


Thank you soooooo much!! Greatly appreciate the time that would have taken to make that guide. You have made life so much easier, thank you again

I think I may have been trying with chrome the other day, thank you for the useful info

Hello, same problem i originally had. when opening the index nothing shows from what is being written. only doing the tutorial , “Hello world” does not show, am i missing a command for it to show.

sorry was my own fault. alright hopefully you wont be hearing from me for a few day. time to study.

unfortunately i still have no luck, my journey of cyoa was over before it begun. Tried everything multiple times for hours. Without being able to see a word. Thanks for your help anyway. Hope to read your work soon :slight_smile:

So happy right now, I never gave up… and I finally got it all working :slight_smile::grin::joy:

Your advice was 100% correct. Only thing I think may help people that are silly like me, if possible add a small snippet telling the user to make sure there pc is set to administrator. I did everything right multiple times, was being denied access and my pop up blocker wasn’t allowing me to see that notification :expressionless:

It’s always amusing looking over a monologue of a person, don’t you think? :grimacing:

was trying to figure out how to delete them haha

D: oh no you beat me to it! I’ve been spreading your guide around for the past few months. Alas I wasn’t fast enough this time.