I am soo confused with ChoiceScript

I have read every tutorial that I could get my hands on but I am still confused on a few things.
I would like them awnsered if someone would please be kind enough to help me, please.
Ok, first off, where do I save the script that I write?
And, if I wanted to put it on the Internet, can I put in an html file?

You save your story scripting as .txt files in the “scenes” folder.

You don’t need to put it into an html file, CS itself displays your game in a browser. All you have to do is be sure to include all the files it comes with, including the index.html files provided for this purpose.

Ok, found all that stuff, thank you!
But, is there a way for me to open the choicescript that I wrote in, like, internet explorer to see what I have done?

if you go to your mygame folder and right click on index there should be an option that says “open with” where you can choose what browser to open it with. if it is not working, left click index first and the right click.