I need a bit of help

Hey, so I am making a choice game for a school project, and I am kind of new to this entire thing. I downloaded this program, did a lot of editing and got that part pretty easy, but I think I was using the wrong file to edit. I saved the work so far, but what file should I be inputing all of this in? I was typing it in the example file but it didn’t. Can somebody help me? I have never done this kind of thing before.

The file you edit is in Web —> My Game folder --> Scenes

And then you just put the files you want to edit in there.

Is that what you’re looking for?

To put it simple, ChoiceScript uses a “database” and “compile” those into a game.

The “database” should be located on

And when you done, you can “compile” or create the game by [compile.html] on the most parent folder.

Or you can go to here for some insight about how ChoiceScript works if you haven’t read it yet

As stated above, it needs to go in the scenes folder. If that’s difficult to find, my guide has a walkthrough on exactly what to do to get started with ChoiceScript.

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How do I make a file that works with the code? I have the code without a file, its basically a note pad document. Where do I put it as a file that can be played?

Save your notepad file inside scenes, or move it there yourself. Find the html file index. Open it, and it should open in your browser. When it does this, it’ll automatically run ‘startup’ from within your scenes file. Your startup file is just a regular text file, and can be edited normally.

You’ll need to add a *goto_scene command inside ‘startup’ to make choicescript jump to your file.

So if you named your file MyFile. The command would look like…

*goto_scene MyFile

Then, as I mentioned above, click ‘index’ and it’ll run your game in your browser.