Notepad to choicescript

I just wrote a small scene in notepad, how do I convert the scene to a playable format in choicescript to see if everything is scripted right?

Do you have a startup.txt scene?

All you need to do is put the text file in the ‘scenes’ folder of the choicescript download, and make sure startup.txt includes your file under *scene_list, and has a *finish or *goto_scene “your file” somewhere. And all the variables your scenes need.

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Thank you for the help :slight_smile: I’m still learning choicescript so I might end up asking silly questions now and then…Yes it is a startup.txt scene. It is in the scene folder. Now how do I play it in choicescript? I want to make sure everything is coded right.

go two folders up, run quicktest.html. If there are no errors in quicktest, go one folder down and run index.html. randomtest can be used too but it’s more for long games.