Quicktest Failed HTML

I’m new to Choicescript and Quicktest, and I want to test out the first chapter of my WIP. I have it written in the startup.txt file, and have startup listed under *scene_list. However, when I run the html Quicktest, I get:

ERROR: couldn’t open web/mygame/scenes/startup.txt

Any idea on how to fix this? I double-checked that everything is spelled correctly, so it’s not that.

Did you remove startup from the folder?
Is there text in it?

Startup is in the scenes folder, and yes, my chapter is in it.

I used the Choice of Dragon startup scene to check to see if the problem was on my end with something in the code. I made it so that startup was the only scene in the scene_list, and finished the chapter with *ending, but I got the same error.

So would this be something with my computer?

EDIT: I found the issue! I’ve been using Safari. Ran the test with Firefox, and it worked fine.

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Yeah, I have no idea why, but the tests only run in Firefox. They don’t even run in chrome.

For me both Firefox and Internet Explorer will run the test (Chrome doesn’t)! :+1:

Chrome doesn’t support javascript as extensive as Firefox does. Of course, you can test your story at Chrome if you upload it to the web (dashingdon.com)