Please help me! [TIME IS OF ESSENCE] I'm trying to quicktest & randomtest.html but I'm so confused

Please help me. I’m trying to use quicktest & randomtest.html but I’m so confused. I’m really new at this, I literally taught myself how to do all this stuff in three days. I’m doing it for a college project and I want to test my game to make sure all the branching choices work. I’ve been told to use quicktest.html (from the choicescript download folder) and open it in Firefox.

All I get is this:
ERROR: couldn’t open web/mygame/scenes/breakfast.txt

breakfast is a scene in my *scenelist command, not a file. The only things in my scene folder is startup.txt and choicescriptstats.txt. What do I need to do to test my game properly without literally playing from the beginning each time just to check is something works. Is it really that hard? Did I bite off more than I could chew> This project is due Nov. 19 2016

If you have breakfast in your scene list, there should also be a .txt file called breakfast in your scene folder. If there’s not, you should either 1) remove it from the scene list (because you don’t need it), or 2) add the file to the scene folder (if you’re going to need it).


In your startup.txt, if you have:


You need to have a “breakfast.txt” in your scene folder also. If you don’t you’ll get the error. So either create the scene file in your scene folder, or take out “breakfast” from your scene list.

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okay so a made a txt. file named ‘breakfast’ is it okay that there’s nothing it?

No, just tested that scenario, it’ll give you the same error. Just write *ending in the “breakfast.txt” for now, and Quicktest shouldn’t return that error.

Quicktest and Randomtest will automatically test your game, it’s only really useful to check for coding errors. If you want to manually test your game but not from the beginning, there is a useful trick you can use over on the wiki: Local alpha testing system.


I think it worked! Thank you so much, I’m still new to this community and thank again for the quickness of the response!