Multiple Text Files

So my issue today is that I finished my prologue, woo! but my next step is to start a new document i.e. chapter 1, but on the “Make Your Own Game” page it says that as long as the next text file is in the scene list then it should move onto the next with just a *finish, but I can’t get it to work I’ve tried it three different ways and gotten three different error messages the most prominent of which being.

Couldn’t load scenes/chapter.txt the file is probably empty or missing.

So yea any help would be appreciated.

it should look like this in startup:

nameofscene1's txt file
nameofscene2's txt file

you need to have the txt in the scenes folder (along with startup and the stats)

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I learned recently that CoG prefers the main scenes in your sequence to be numbered, with any gosub scenes you use following the numbered list, so the section in your startup file might be something like this:


You might want to double-check that the next scene’s file name is exactly the file name you put in the list.


Not sure what exactly I did different but wah-lah it’s working thank you, I believe the problem was that choicescript really hates spaces.

Better to run into this now, and learn to love it, rather than having your beta-testers weeping and gnashing their teeth when you try to share the game.