Trouble setting up new project

Hi there. I just completed a short scenario after clearing out the web/mygame/scenes/startup txt. file that comes with ChoiceScript. Now that I’ve played around a bit, I would like to begin a larger project, but I’m not sure how to set that up, and haven’t been able to locate that information in the wiki or on this forum (although I’m sure it exists in both places).

Specifically, I would like to know how to set up/organize a folder with everything I need to write and test my project. There’s a lot of “stuff” in the ChoiceScript folder, and I’m feeling a bit lost concerning what needs to go where.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

edit: I found the wiki page explaining how to delete all the excess material from the web/mygame folder and use the startup txt file to begin working on my project. But just so I fully understand how this process works, how would I set up a second game to work on simultaneously? Do I just copy the mygame folder over? Are there other files I need from the main CS folder to run the second game? Does it matter where I save this material on my computer, or on an external hard drive?

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If i get your question correctly
You can write all the scenes that you want and just have to mention them in startup file And you have to place them in web/mygame/scenes folder

I use startup file only for creating variables and achievements all the story part is done in scenes files


Thank you, that’s helpful!

Ok i got it (probably)

You want to work on two games simultaneously right

Its simple you just have to copy WHOLE choicescript folder to playtest the game as you can write the game wherever it is , it dosent matter that is it on a ext. Hdd or wherever

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Take a peek at how I organize the game .txt files when I feel at working 2 or more different stories.

At here

P.S. FYI, The Great Tournament is not mine. Yes, it contains the game’s raw code (.txt files) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
You know… for research purpose…

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Well i am on mobile so i cant show it to you but i have a folder named choicescript which have the names of projects i am (or was) working on which have a full copy of choicescript in them with respective scene files

But when update of choicescript comes it gets messy for some minutes with all file management

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You could also take a look at CSIDE; it’s a free development tool for ChoiceScript users written by @CJW here in the forum community. It has a place for your projects and all the scenes, a code editor panel to write your game, and dictionaries, QuickTest and Randomtest, and other nifty stuff all right there so you don’t have to sort through the file folders (although that’s certainly worth learning how to do as well). And CSIDE supports multiple projects. (:

To do this on your hard drive, you’d want to copy the entire ChoiceScript main folder, and then use one for one game, and the other for the other game, like @DUNGEON_MASTER was saying . Your ‘scenes’ folder would be the only one with anything different in it between them.

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Thank you so much! I’m so excited to get working on stuff now that I understand the basics. I appreciate all the help!