Side project(s)

Simple question.
How does one go about working on a second or third choice script game?

I mean simultaneously. Not physically but in the sense of startup files and saved scenes?
Does one need to divide them by filename or create a new my game folder?
I ask because there are ideas I need to put down before I can actually get to work on them and having a side project is always handy to keep my thoughts in tune.

EDIT: am also in the market for a 50/50 partner in this new project
Thanks much

They need separate folders with all the choicescript files in them.

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So a duplicate of the entire program if I understand that right.

Tanks much.

yes each project would need to have a duplicate of the entire program. You can put both project folders into a single choicescript games folder if you wish.

Awesome… now since the evil impulses of my mind are nagging. I must create a dark international metahuman story.

It’s been bugging me. I must make this my side project!
Now to find time.