Can more than one person work on ChoiceScript for the same game at the same time?


What the title says, me and my friend (who has been on this forum for a while actually) and want to start making a game with ChoiceScript, but we wanna know if we can program the game at the same time and it’ll save.


Yup, as long as you guys agree. I don’t think there is a rule that says it cannot be partners for a project. Some games here have multiple authors working on them.

Hosted games author/s made the still WIP - Colonising Kepler 62e.

Me and my partner are also making a game, even if we never meet in real life. WIP we called – Drágóneer.

Go ahead and make a game.


If you’re uploading to the same place, like Dropbox, you will overwrite each other’s progress if you’re not careful. Work out between you who is working on which scenes, and communicate back and forth when you change scenes like startup that will affect both of you. As long as you coordinate it well, it should be fine.


I would agree with Sashira. cordination is key however its best that one works on one part at a time. It will also spice up the story a bit ^.^


I have been wondering how many people do that and how they do it.


A few of the official CoG titles have 2-4 authors. (Choice of Romance, Choice of Broadsides, Choice of the Dragon, and Choice of Zombies.)

That, and @andymwhy and I are working on a trilogy called Colonising Kepler 62e together. We’re actually writing different volumes of the series, but it still requires good communication.


I might’ve not been clear, but thanks for the answers guys!
Can more than on person do the programing for one game at the same time and have it save? Sorry about that.


Well I would think so unless your using the same program at the same time. programng is a lot like crossing wires, if your using the same one you have to have each person work on it at a different time to avoid overwriting the others work. I hope that answers the question


You could try this with google docs, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I looked into this for Colonising Kepler 62e at the start. In the end, we just used google docs for planning as it’s impractical for coding.


You could use something like
But software aside, it’s not a practice I’d recommend.
As already suggested, you’d probably be better off just splitting the work load down the middle and writing independently.


Okay thanks everyone! I think we might work on different branches of code then combine it after we finish coding it seperatly.


When I’m working on collaborative documents with people at my job, we use a system by which each shared document is “checked out” to one person at a time. We want to avoid a document fork, where multiple people make edits to the same document at the same time, because that results in multiple versions that have to be merged manually (which is waaay more trouble than it’s worth).

So we treat it like a library. We keep a list of who has each document “checked out” to work on, and nobody else can work on that document directly – they can look at it and make notes for future changes somewhere else, but they don’t change the actual document – until it’s checked back in and available for someone else to edit.

The alternative is something like a wiki, where every edit is updated in real time, but I’m not sure that would work very well for collaborative ChoiceScripting.


Could use something like a designated gatekeeper who handles the updates. So one person writes something in a separate document, and the gatekeeper then pastes it into the actual document(s) along with their own work. That way, there ought to be less risk of overwriting someone else’s work.


Thanks for the idea! We might do that.