Multiple Authors (publishing)

Hey. I’ve been working with a friend on a choicescript game, and I know how the publishing aspect works when a game only has one author, but what if it has multiple? Would the process be the same? I couldn’t find the answer on the Choice of Games webpage or the wiki, and I’d appreciate some help.

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I believe everyone involved in writing the game needs to sign a contract. And your royalties will get split. I’m fairly sure there is a post about it somewhere on the forum, I can’t recall exactly where right now. (And am just about to head out for a bit.)

@Felicity_Banks mentions it here.


Yep. After submission and before publication, CoG will communicate with you about how you and the other author(s) want to split credit and payment, but everyone needs to sign the contract to approve that agreement. The process is mostly the same, but the details of the contract will not be. And every contributing author must be accounted for legally.


Cool! That’s good to know