Starship Adventures Discussion (including discussion of group games)

To infinity… and beyond!!

Our cheesy retro scifi adventure is launching now (so far it’s on google play and amazon; the rest will click into place shortly).

Update: It’s fully released now on all platforms!

It’s a blast!

This is a game put together by myself (writer and editor), Jac Colvin, Eric Moser, Doctor, and Adrao.

None of us knew each other at all when we started writing about a year ago. There are special features inside the book that give some idea of how the process worked. The short version is:

We used an episodic style so we could write fairly independently, but discussed characters, style, tone, certain programming quirks (spaces or tabs? {he}/{his}/ ${him} for pronouns, etc) and some plot points before we started.

After a game jam, we had 3.5 stories and we were on a high so we kept going (but kept up the manic production speed in order to fight against the inevitable fading of the enthusiasm).

We had an obsessive couple of months, reading and editing each others’ stories (and copying each others’ styles and plot elements). The others gave me free reign to edit all their stories with barely any consultation, which made it very easy to fix things quickly and to add foreshadowing and remove contradictions. I also wrote the final tale after everything else was done, so I could bring it all together in a satisfying way (a lot of elements of that final tale were discussed at length along the way).

I think there were something like 1000 messages altogether (and we’re still talking in our private thread right now).

Pitfalls of group games:
-There’s a LOT of basic stuff (like coding) that needs to be consistent.
-There’s a dropout rate of about 95% (often including the most committed people, because major real-life stuff can and will happen).
-There’s a LOT of extra editing to smooth things out (eg one of the writers had some weird computer thing that hated my computer and I had to go through and manually remove thousands of extra spaces before the game would play).
-Stuff will go wrong - both personal and computer-y. People and computers are always more idiosyncratic than expected.
-The choice of gatekeeping or not (what if someone submits something terrible?) isn’t an easy one - we got lucky with five really excellent (and funny) writers.
-For legal reasons, it’s not (not never ever) possible to “donate” a story (and therefore avoid all the paperwork).
-Your full legal name and address will be on the contract, which everyone else will see (are they serial killers? I know I am…)
-You’ll be dividing profits when the game sells (although you’ll probably also benefit from the overlap of fans from the other writers).
-The time from submission to release will be much longer than usual because coordinating this stuff is hard (for both writers and Choice of Games). 6-12 months probably.

That’s quite a list, but (as will be perfectly obvious from the story) we had an absolute blast writing this, and we went from strangers to friends (except Eric and I, who went one better and became arch-enemies 4 life).

Feel free to ask questions and/or heap praise upon us below.

PS It seems a little expensive to Jacic and I, but them’s the breaks. Please note that we don’t set the price, and this is most definitely a short game.


I was lacking in the “arch-enemy” department as I tend to dutifully play the 'good cop" role in my everyday life, so it was a win/win. I like being the bad guy for once…wait, you’re the bad guy right?


I can’t remember if I’m the bad one. Seems like that’d be important. Oh well.

[wanders off to make a delicious baby sandwich.]


Thanks for making this post @Felicity_Banks
This really has given me some better insight of group projects, and the terrors I’ve submitted myself to joining one.
Also I’m pretty sure @Eric_Moser is the killer… Or maybe the butler!


I’m waiting to play the game before I comment on a dozen different things. I couldn’t find it on Amazon, and on Google Play I had technical difficulties (it told me that I didn’t exist, and/or that the game was free.) So I think I’ll have to wait til it comes out on the App Store, which is where I’ve bought most of my ChoiceScript games.

Its’s already out on the App store, I downloaded it this morning, just looking at it now. What I can never understand about the App Store is why I can’t read any of the ratings and reviews for this or any other game (does anybody have an idea why that is? I clicked also on “all versions”, but nothing, even for games like sabres or tin star…)

@Sashira I find that google play tells me all HG are “free with in-app purchases”. If that’s what it’s doing, then all’s well (except for it garnering negative reviews for those who didn’t realise the system, but that’s another story). Not sure if that’s actually what you’re talking about or not, but thought I’d answer just in case.

Played it several times today–I enjoyed the story a lot, but that was somewhat undercut but what I thought was a really difficult ending? It might have just been me, but I even pulled up the special features drafts to check for what choices (potentially, I guess, since I don’t know what all revisions happened between those drafts and the final product) had what effect on stats and after I think six or so runthroughs today I only managed to get my reputation high enough to survive twice.

Along with that, I’m trying to get my Samantha relationship high enough to end in a romance with her (what a gal!) and as far as I can tell there just isn’t a way to get it high enough? While doing everything I thought I could to get it up I’ve never gotten her relationship above 63, and according to the drafts it needs to be at 70.

Just to be clear that I’m not only here to gripe about stat difficulties, I did really enjoy it! Story was very entertaining (“what a gal” made me laugh out loud literally every time it came up) and I thought the the twists played really well with the old campy sci fi tropes. Reminded me a LOT of Galaxy Quest!


Yesssss, the leotard game is back!

Edit: I love this game, I want to space-marry it.

Edit2: typo! “other planets of existence”


That’s also what it shows as in the App store. I guess because it’s one of those with a free demo, buy the game from the app if you like it. By the way, $2.99 isn’t bad - who set the price, Choice of Games?

On my phone, I can scroll down from “ratings and reviews” as stars to find the written reviews. I seem to recall that if you look it up from the website, it’s harder to find. Some games only have star-based reviews, but I just checked and Tin Star has two written reviews for the latest version, so you’re having some other technical problem. Starship Adventures is too new, as of yet, to have display stats or reviews.

I know that you can rate an app through both Game Center and the App store. Could you be looking at one instead of the other?

Yes, Choice of Games sets the price I think (or possibly the apps have an influence, since the price points vary). I agree, $3 is loose change, but people will still leave negative reviews, especially since it’s a short game (I think the price went up because of the special features, which not everyone will read).

The repetitive paragraphs in Episode 1 are not bugs, just a trope thing.

Other than that, I’ll let you guys figure out the bugs because my brain power is low at present.



I wish I had been a part of this. Unfortunately, it was done during a busy time for me. Great job, everyone!


We would have loved to have you, but real life does have a tendency to get in the way :confused:

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Yay on the Chrome store. Bought! Off to infinity and beyond!


It’s um…well it’s…yeah I’ve played better. Totally lost in the demo. And everyone was talking like a bad cartoon. Sorry mate but I didn’t like it.


Looking at the final version of the code, you need a reputation greater than 70 if you get to AND a health greater than 5. Hope that helps (but I suspect it may not). We’ll keep an eye on reviews in case there’s a lot of death around the place. I do have a bad habit of killing my PCs lately. (It’s a personal flaw.)

To romance Sam in that final choice, you need a rapport over 60 with her (not 70 as in earlier drafts).

So glad you love it.

@matt_smith Cool, thanks for letting us know.

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Okay, that might have been it. I’ll play through a couple more times soon and see if that helps! Thanks!


In the special features section there’s also a cheat “feature” for the stats (shift left or right). Not that I’m encouraging anyone to cheat in the game, I wouldn’t do that :wink: (And I know finding the right combo of choices to get achievements can be half the challenge).

Good discussion on the writing of group games. Really informative.

From the blurb

• Play as male or female, gay or straight, or non-cisgendered.

That’s actually really awkwardly phrased. Was that something you put in, or Choice of Games did?

The clumsiness is all mine, sadly.

The usual line is “play as male or female, gay or straight” so I certainly had that in my head :blush: