Any reviews?


I’m not taking a punt on this because the demo was pretty inconsequential. Maybe I’m missing some of the humour in the writing, but just as I thought the demo was getting to the point it did that recruitment test thing and ended. I get the feeling it (the full game) would be a very short story?

Anyone know more? There’s no reviews or anything on the appstore.


Hi - I just finished my first play through the other day. It’s actually quite long (9 chapters) though some chapters are shorter than others. I think there’s good replayability potential as I actually ‘lost’ so it ended before it should have done (think I got to chapter 8) so I’m planning to play it again soon.

I wouldn’t say it’s laugh out loud funny, but it’s actually got a decent story and some interesting (if fairly lightly sketched) characters. I’d probably rate it about a 7/10 and would probably be interested in playing further stories by the writer.


I’d have liked it to be longer and to draw out the ending a bit, but it is a good game in its own right.


I don’t know where the demo ended – I played the whole game in beta, and haven’t bought the final version yet. But as @bawpie says, it’s definitely long enough to get your teeth into.

For my part, I thought it was terrific both for replayability and comedy – I laughed out loud more than once (generally over Lloyd banter, occasionally over blobspeak). I’d say it’s well worth the punt.


I was dissapointed by the game. It was to short and cost the most of any game so far. It wasnt exactly really well done either, felt like a bad attempt at enders game. If you have an hour you want to spend some cash on for a decent entertainment go ahead and get the game, otherwise it isnt worth it imoho. I liked the computer best, but thats really it. story wasnt to good, entertaining enough, but it lacked the quality i am used to by their games. And the fact that it cost the most so far really makes me upset.


Tastes obviously vary, as do genre perceptions – to me, it felt more akin to Hitchhiker’s Guide than Ender.

But I’m curious about this “cost the most” thing. When I click on the App Store, almost all the games cost $2.99 or £1.99 (with the exception of Eerie Estate Agent, which is a bit cheaper). Where did you buy Star Captain, that it cost more than the other games?


I thought Lloyd was quite well done (though reminded me a bit of Rimmer from Red Dwarf) - but I really liked the description of what he thought of you in the stats screen throughout the game (I think I might ‘borrow’ that idea for my own game). I didn’t notice that it was especially expensive (bought through Google Play), but I wasn’t really paying attention. I’d say overall I preferred it to EEA, though I enjoyed both.


The only hitchiker part of it was Lloyd. The rest of it seemed like enders game. enemy no ones seen, we started the war, we end the war. forced into serving the military. I bought it on the play store. alot of the games are free. this one cost the most. @Havenstone


$3 is the same as Heroes Rise and Vampire.


Hmm, well I took a punt.

It’s alright, I’d give it a 6/10 if I really had to mark it. I’d say it was a touch too linear and Lloyd was just obnoxious regardless of dialogue opportunities with him/it. Very much on the short side for me.

Never mind, an experience is an experience I suppose.


@jasonstevanhill I got vampire for free, heroes rise was 2 for me.


Overall, I’d give it an 8/10, I really enjoyed it. I loved the humour, it felt somewhat like a Douglas Adams book. I also really felt like I was influencing the story throughout the whole game. I wasn’t really that fond of the Human characters, however, Lloyd was hilarious, and it was fun reading his banter. In my opinion, the game was long enough, and has enough re-playability to be worth the price. I do think that Apex Patrol (another space opera game on this site) is superior, but this is still a great game. I enjoyed it more than Eerie Estate Agent, and would put it equal to Heroes Rise.


I found it pretty amusing. It felt like Hitchhiker’s Guide, whereas Apex Patrol felt like an episode of Star Trek:TOS (I mean that as a compliment to both games). If you go in to this game expecting serious sci-fi you will be disappointed. But it is a fun adventure and you can take a few different approaches to the overall threat.

I tried to be a smartass pilot, but my conscience made me try to help the blobs and I failed because I was a terrible diplomat. Humanity may have been sentenced to work in goop mines, but I was forgiven because I tried to negotiate in good faith. Sorry to the rest of you lot!

The price point didn’t bother me, but I know the state of iOS economics means most people will perceive $3 to be “expensive.” I thought it was worth the price and I’ll probably take another shot at winning sometime.


Oh the game was fun no doubt, It just felt short. It was funny and a fun play, but Short. Idk maybe I just went through it faster then the other games…


Personally, I’d give it a 7/10. The gameplay is good, and I personally liked Lloyd, but I feel that no matter what choices you make you get the same scenario at the end- maybe later updates could add expansion to this? That would certainly make the game better in my opinion. Overall I found it a lot of fun, and would really like to see some added content later on :slight_smile:


I just love it. I think it’s the best of the “Choice of” series I’ve played. The plot felt the most like a “real” plot with an arc and a twist, etc. And getting through the various encounters made it feel like your stats and decisions mattered.


Hey just wondering I was thinking about buying this game and a question hit me after I did the free trial I noticed that my character was flirting with Salazar and wanted to know if their is any romance choices in this game


@Roslyn_samalt06 Don’t think there is, at least I never saw any romance options in this one.


Hi there! I’m Dorian Hart, the author of Choice of the Star Captain. Thank you to everyone who gave Star Captain a try; if you liked it, I’m pleased, and if not, I’m sorry! :slight_smile:

I thought I’d quickly comment on some of what’s been written here. Warning: some spoilers are inevitable.

Regarding romance: No, there’s no romance in Star Captain, for two primary reasons. First, it just wasn’t part of the story I wanted to tell, and second, writing romance is not one of my great strengths, and as this was my first attempt at a Choice of Games game, I figured I wouldn’t burden myself (or my readers) with an awkward romantic sub-plot.

Regarding getting the same scenario at the end: I’m not exactly sure what this means. If you mean that the game always ends with Gemend asking you to go on a final mission to completely annihilate the Blobs, then yes, that’s mostly true. I thought – and it’s certainly fine to disagree with this approach – that crafting a coherent narrative and closing the story arc was more important than setting up several wildly divergent endings. That said, there are about nine different ways the last chapter can play out, depending on your choices and your stats. At least one of these does not involve you going to the Blob homeworld at all. Plus, there are two ways the game can end with your premature death, before you ever get that far, though the game is fairly explicit in its warnings about what will happen in those cases.

Regarding the game’s length, and to those who found it short: I certainly won’t try to convince you the game was long, if you thought it was short. I can only say that in playtest, a single playthrough of the game averaged between 2 and 3 hours, which I thought was on the long side for CoG offerings. And the word count was over 130,000, which is also (by my understanding) on the high end. Maybe it only *seemed* short because you were having so much fun! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about my experience writing Star Captain – it was quite enjoyable!




@Dorian thank you for writing another excellent story to add to choice of games and I’m sort of glad that you didn’t make a romance option. Most of the games on this website just glue it on the side of the stories and only really go into it once or twice then trail off . Even the romance one had bad love scenes , but I certainly liked the romance in hero’s rise it gave heat and detail which is what people want out of the romance part of a story. However even the most talented of writers could bomb a smut or romance scene. It also wouldn’t fit in well with the story . I also liked that you didn’t just throw it in on the side just for rating. I completely understand you reasons for not doing it . I liked what I read from the trial and look forward to buying it.

PS. Thank you for actually taking the time to comment :smiley: