The fleet game question for those who have played the full ver of it

what are your thoughts on the game
is there romance options or is it all action
how long is it
any replayability

Whats the fleet cuz i’ve never heard of it ???

There’s a Blog post on it on the main site, it releases today afaik.

It’s already up, I’ve played the demo that’s a few chapters long. I’m not sure really, so can’t really comment. Gut feeling says it’ll be straightforward and short, but better than the last few offers we had.

I’ve bought it, I’ll review it soon.

I bought it at 5.11, it’s now 6pm, that’s two playthroughs at around 30minutes each way, not taking into account I did run off a bit before starting! Didn’t see any romance options there, but there does seem to be some options to go through the game in a few different ways via the political side of it.

I’d say for the price £1.99 it’s not a bad effort. I think it could have been expanded a bit more though. There seems to me, to be three distinct but short phases to the story. I would have liked to have seen more expansion on the story phases, and certainly more impact with the choices related to the characters in the epilogue. It feels to me like the epilogue itself could have been a longer and more conclusive story in its own right, but it serves the point of the story I suppose.

So yeah, I don’t think this is top-tier, but I’d give it my vote ahead of Star Captain and the other recent efforts so far.

Cost 2.67 € in Spain, here its a lot more expensive, god know why. I think probably i buy it if i could. But i dont like the demo, after try 2 times. Apex patrol and space marines seems a lot better

The game felt a bit dry, but perhaps that’s just because I’m not a huge hard sci-fi person. I like sci fi, but more Bradbury fantasy-esque sci fi. The game probably just isn’t for me. I imagine someone who loved ships (I don’t love ships) and mechanical details will love this game. I prefer melodrama.

@whocares916 This might help answer your questions:

After playing the demo, I have to say it seems good… Lots of hard choices and what seems like a lot of important decisions, but in all fairness every other demo has made me feel the same way, and then disappointed me. I’d have to buy the game, which I will eventually, to properly review it, but it’s a very good demo compared to some of the other games. One final thing, when deciding the name of the planet, you can’t call it Earth- I don’t know if that’s because Earth is involved later on, but it would seem so.

I’ve just played through the full version a couple of times.

Overall, I enjoyed it, it’s a decent space opera game. No romance from what I can tell, but it’s not purely action either. There’s a diplomacy plot that runs through it as well. (In fact, my personal preference would have been more diplomacy and less pitched battles).

Seems a bit short compared to some games, but I probably haven’t seen all the options available yet. It feels properly completed though; even though the epilogues could have been expanded, it does feel like a fully self-contained story.

The vast majority of decisions have a real effect on the way the game plays out, which is what I like. Not only directly after they’re made, but your decisions do have influence on later plot as well.

I found it pretty good but difficult. If you are not consistent with your orders during space battles you have a high probability of losing those battles. I have lost two out of three times.

@hild - I think there’s actually a bug on that if you’re on a multi playthrough. I picked force option early on in my third playthrough and the later chapters defaulted as if I’d picked elegance (or whatever the other option was…)

Then again I haven’t paid much attention to the stat tracking!

@hild, yeah, on the beta test for Fleet I kept losing, which isn’t a common experience with CoGs. Took me a while to figure out that I had to pay much closer attention to my strengths than I was used to…

I liked it a lot! It was quite short, but I think the story and the variety of choices made up for it. I found this game quite challenging as well, which made it fun and intense to pick strategies. I honestly found the game we got last month a little disappointing, but this game is a real return to form in my opinion.


You’re at your most effective if you pick fleet/cannon strengths that match up to your elegance/force choice and then use the tactics that go with that.

I actually really enjoyed the high win/loss ration on this. As @Havenstone said, this isn’t common with CoGs. But it was interesting playing something that lead more heavily to the ‘game’ side of things, without losing any of the story.


thank you all for your thoughts on the game
will take it all in to consideration :slight_smile:


just a question. i have tried in over one hour to win over the aliance. they ether shuth my ships down or wins against me in space battle

Same here. I’ve been trying for around a month by now, and I still can’t get the military dictator option. Do your stats have to be very specific in order to rule your own planet by yourself? I tried using deceit to make the alliance think I was on their side, I tried straightforward battle with it, I tried weakening the alliance in the battle scene with the Kargham… Nothing seems to work, they always win against me and the leautenant.