COMING THURSDAY: "Fog of War: The Battle for Cerberus," NEW Author Interview, DEMO, and TRAILER





Comming this week or next one? I am confused.

This week. It says apr. 25 in the demo and in the interview too.
Did you suffer a recent drop in your observation skill? Jk


This looks awsome, good job Bennett! It’s been a while since we saw military sci fi

Is this the first military SF entry for CoG?

I like what I’m seeing in the demo. Although the ending is at the cruelest cut-off point possible :frowning:


Every time a trailer for a game comes out I’m so excited. Lol some are good and some are like meh, but this one…

I just had to take a second out and be like voice actor… What is you doing hahaha.

But in all seriousness, this has to be the first time the voice of the trailer has turned me off for a game before me even reading the demo. (I’m still going to read it just in case.) :slight_smile:


No we had Mecha ace and the fleet, but those were a while ago so this is a good breath of old air

I didn’t play the demo nor read the interview by fear spoilers. And like two last games where announced with more a week. This game is a sure purchase for me as reminded me one of my favourite sagas Sierra Space quest so is a absolutely buy direct with absolutely no spoilers


Clue is always in this post title. “Coming Thursday,” colloquially means this week; “Coming Next Thursday” means the Thursday of the following week.


Thanks. In Spanish is the contrary. :slight_smile: So probably my confusion came for that.

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Thanks, Natman! It was great fun to write the game and get to know the CoG community along the way.


I’m excited. I like this kind of story and surely will check out. :slight_smile:

This was really fun, i’m excited for this! :grin:

Thank you for writing a CoG version of a story based in your storyverse. I hope you enjoy your stay here in this community and find it a welcoming and long-lasting community for your enjoyment.

I also am looking forward to the entire game and any further games you may make :slight_smile:


I’m definitely excited for this new entry in the CoG library! I’m a fan of mil-SF in general, so can’t wait to cut my teeth on this on Thursday. Thanks for the new entry!

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Just finished the demo and loved the style of writing! Can’t wait till Thursday! :slight_smile:

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Played chapter 1 looking good so far

How old is Commander Celi, since it mentions she has silver hair?

She’s a seasoned pro, no doubt with 20+ years of service behind her. I wouldn’t dare reveal a woman’s age (especially one like Celi who could snap me like a twig) but she is significantly older than our sublieutenant main character. And yes, the silver hair is a result of this (one beta tester asked if her hair was dyed or cybernetically augmented).


i will second you