COMING THURSDAY: "Fog of War: The Battle for Cerberus," NEW Author Interview, DEMO, and TRAILER

I just wanna know since shes a LI and it’s gonna be weird for me if she’s like 40-50+ years older than us.

Aww yes, can never get enough military sci-fi games! We really need more of these.

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I’ve just come in from the demo. It was a good read and very well written, so thanks and congrats to @Bennett_R_Coles for the release!

At present my go-to recommendation for military sci-fi is still Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers (the original book, not the godawful movie adaptations - avoid them like the plague), and Fog of War certainly feels more than a little inspired by that. I admit I’ve never read the Virtues of War series, so if the novels are anything like this then I’m certainly going to check them out.

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I loved starship book So even more hype

So glad you enjoyed the demo - many thanks. I love Starship Troopers, and I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t influenced my writing at least a little bit. Fog of War was definitely written in a similar style to the rest of the Virtues of War series, so hopefully if you enjoy one you’ll enjoy them all.

I kind of feel bad for everyone who read the book Starship Troopers first, because after it the movie is kind of, yeah, ridiculous… But if you’re like me and saw the movie first, you can appreciate it for the cutting satire it actually is - and then go read the book and think, “Ahhh, this is why all those people hate the movie…” But yeah, the book is totally better.


It’s nothing weird - she’s like 15-20 years older than the main character. :slight_smile:


Tbh I didn’t plan to buy this game. But this RO description makes me reconsider it now… Time to go play the demo.


So Celi is romancible? Yay!!!

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I mean the point of it was to be ridiculous in a sense. The director lived through nazism and wanted to make a kind of movie that shows how Fascist propaganda works. It makes fighting for a military dictatorship seem sexy and fun, nothing like it actually is. He wanted people to cheer for the characters and hate the bugs, but then question why they should cheer for these guys and feel complete contempt for the bugs.


wait what 5 years ago where have u been man???

It’s out now on the play store


Absolutely - the movie made us cheer for the bad guys, effectively, and only throughout the course of the story do we come to see just how evil the Federation is. Buried amidst all the violence and sexy fun, it was quite a subtle but powerful message. It’s interesting to wonder what Heinlein himself would have thought about the movie. He’s been accused of being pro-fascist because of the novel Starship Troopers, but then one can point at his very libertarian The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and fairly ask: where did Heinlein really stand? I think maybe he was just an author exploring some interesting ideas about society.


Which time zone for the release time?


It says buy now on the page but wont actually let me buy it.

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After reading the third first chapters I could say that the author has a great skill writing action package scenes and explaining and describing combat and airships in a very organic way. Choices so far are fun and obvious.

My main concern is totally lacking of proper character development for the user.

We are forced to care about rebels death to the point of puke in a bizarre scene. When we were doing jokes and five seconds i am puking POOR rebels… then five seconds later joking merrily again.

I was picturing a renegade not give a fuck victims no empathy character impossible. Character opinates by her self each moment assuming a Gandhi behaviour…
Also is sad not having two little choices that could have made role-playing so damn easy with only few flavour choices and text here and there
Chosing our origin and nature of our family. From a earth to a colony or from a healthy family with money to a orphan. That could have made few more lines here and there but so much replay value.

-Choosing Renegade vs Paragon or something similar about you think victims and war. So i could choose be a hard ass no prisoners type of character and don’t puke crying poor rebels… I don’t care them AT ALL.

I mean like I love the combat the universe and the theme. For me is a breeze… But is so sad that i can’t empathize with This Ghandi hippie that pukes … It makes me sad… :frowning:


I think the author wanted us to feel how it’s like to go for the first time on the field, to see death for the first time(just death not sympathize for the rebel) and for one I apreciated how he wanted to put out of nowhere this reality check; it felt like my character wasn’t just a puppet, it felt more alive.
And I have no sympathy for the rebels as well, one can be “lawful good” and crush the rebellion at the same time; will I kill the ones that surrender? Never. But would I let anyone disrupt order and peace under my watch? Over my dead body! :upside_down_face:
I say great job so far @Bennett_R_Coles! I really enjoyed the demo and will buy this for sure.


I don’t like being FORCED to feel empathy. More if is not well done. You can’t be making jokes Puke Poor rebels and returning flirt and joking merrily five seconds.

One of type of archetype in genre is ruthless and lawful evil is one of points many books in genre and warhamer have innumerable examples. I hate paragons i hate being forced to be Good and to have feelings i haven’t and i would not do as I will DESTROY everything as text in advertising say i could crush the planet so Force a puke care when i will DESTROY The planet is cheap in my opinion.

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Again, I don’t think it is an empathy response. It’s just a human response for the first battle… watching death so close first handed. It takes a VERY RARE HUMAN(let’s say a deeply troubled sociopath) to be immune to first thrauma of the battlefield… the MC is not crying for rebels or being “weak”!


Or a physiological one. The body’s reaction to combat can be extreme as fight of flight is triggered constantly. Add to that running a marathon while doing burpees and some motion sickness from the shuttle ride and it could make even Rambo a little queasy, especially the first time.