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Well a link for general talking about the new game reviews and opinions. please warn the spoilers!

I give a global note 3/10

the stats are TERRIBLE
the game is short
don’t understand what means lie.

but is well writing and have a old sci fi vibe and don’t look for romance there are so far nothing you could call that

Okay, I posted this in another thread but since this is the more appropriate topic I’ll copy&paste it here. (I don’t think this is spoilery since it was all stuff from the demo)

So, having played the demo, I’m not really sure about this game. The premise seemed really cool (joining a crew of space pirates? awesome!) but the game itself is… underwhelming. And it’s difficult to really roleplay the pc because the choices presented so far seem to fall into two extremes.
“Hey want to join our crew and if you say no we’ll enslave you”

  1. Sure I’d love to!
  2. Go to hell
    Why is there no option to join them out of a sense of self-preservation, or lie with the intention of escaping at the first opportunity? Being so gung-ho about joining them makes it really bizarre if you try to escape later on.

So, for people who have played the full version, does this game get better past the demo? Should I wait to purchase until the bugs have been patched, or should I just skip this one entirely?

I love pirates. I love space-pirates. I did not love Treasure Seekers.

Besides my problem with the green-skinned alien, and the stats, and the opposed relationships, I also couldn’t keep track of who everyone was, what all the races were, they names were all funny and similar sounding and I was just overloaded with information.

It’s interesting, the Kindle version seems to have really good reviews:

I have to concur with them, I thought it was one of the better (recent) titles.

The opposed relationships worked for certain character pairs, but for others I don’t think it did and it led to weird moments. Like, these two characters hate each other so it makes sense that if one likes you the other dislikes you. But then, when they start getting chummy with each other, how is that represented in the stat? And is a 50/50 split them both liking you or both being lukewarm? Its not a huge deal, but it’s there

Seems buggy at the moment though, in the endgame I was helped out by some “people” I had “strongly opposed” earlier in the game, and I can’t tell what’s going on with the stats.

I did like the pulpy sci-fi nature of it, and I also really liked the more traditionally IF/adventure game segments where you have time to move between areas and investigate things.

@CJW I’ve noticed that too for other games. The contrast between the forums reaction and the ratings, that is

I was dissapointed to be honest. The premise was really cool but it was too short, some of the choices and progress made no sense at all and there was alot of inconsisties (at least two different characters being referred to both as male and female in the same scene, male character being referred to as wife, etc.). Also, like MaraJade said the stat system is just plain bad. Felt like playing a work in progress.

@Eriedana I agree with your issue regarding the extremity of the options. Furthermore the “Go to hell” options often had “adolescent rebellion against authority figure(s)” written all over them.

I generally take Amazon reviews with a pinch of salt, especially if they’re reviewing a game that hasn’t yet been released, or their only review is for that single game.

I will be interested to see how the various game sites review it, if they choose to do so.

I’ll admit I was curious when I read the blog since I didn’t actually see any of the puzzle elements in the tiny part of the demo I played.

“In addition, Christopher is trying something new with Treasure Seekers: it includes puzzle elements in the style of traditional text adventures. You can explore the ship, collect inventory items, and use them to overcome obstacles, all in our trademark multiple-choice format.”

How were the puzzles in Treasure Seekers?

you want the true horrible. the puzzles don’t have context logical sense and could be easily avoided. they give you three glyphs with numbers and no explanation after 5 attempts I just blow up the wall!

@FairyGodFeather: There was one which I assume was a puzzle (the lava thing) but i couldn’t get anything to happen by fiddling with it.

yeah the lava one hasn’t any sense too

A hint about the lava puzzle: You’ll know it when you complete it and it’s the only way to save Borion.

@Reapora How very informative.:-W But the one thing that I HATED in it is the no romance thing. If Taloo could literally be a shape-shifter and could be romanceable would be awesome!!! Also the one thing that annoyed me was that no matter how nice you were to Thisi and Taloo, if you were nice to one the other hated you for no apparent reason. =((

Havent completed this game yet but I already have seen most of what has been discussed here.

I think the opposing relationship stat could work if it didnt have me choose which members of the crew I got along with. Rather each person had their own individual relationship stat such as CoKF. Main reason I was against this was that it paired Taloo vs Thise(however you spelt it) which would make Taloo upset with me even when I was nice to her.

Found it funny how the captains gender would randomly change. Thought it was Taloo a few times xD (Not that bad of an issue but just for continuity I want my captain to stay one gender lol)

I actually liked the puzzles as they were fun and quite easy to solve. Only came across Lava and Crown puzzles, both which give you clues to solve.

One thing that bothered me was that the expertise stat that didnt seem to do anything and despite having an expertise you cant do actions which should be available for that job.

Well back to playing, if I see anything else Ill come back here.

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@SpitfireEX How are the puzzles implemented? What sort of things do you need to do?

GAH Soo killing my phone… Re writing this is gonna sux

Okay dont know what you wanted to know but I should be able to describe the puzzles without spoiling to much.

First puzzle involves two containers which you need to fill to he correct level. (If youve ever played Kotor its like the klotto machine in Manaan) Hint is given during puzzle so you should be fine. Not neccessary but I recommend doing it

Second one is basicaly a combination lock, if you have the right numbers you will be able to open it. Hint is given before the puzzle. Not neccessary if you just force it open but what fun is that?

Hopefully this was what you were asking about

disappointing glitchy… well hopefully choice of ninja will be better

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I’ve only played the demo, but from what I’ve seen seems a bit rushed. Descriptions of the setting and characters aren’t as deep as I’d have liked them to be. The one exception was the slave character you meet early on. I don’t know, just never really sucked me in. I do hope the author continues writing though. Seems like he/she had some pretty neat ideas.