Reckless Space Pirates

Just finished it and I must admit, it is a very good, roughly medium length adventure. A few points.

This is what Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck should have been. Focusing on a central cast of characters as they are thrown into the maelstrom of space. That’s the basics of any sci-if story. What separates the two I think is that I felt that my character’s choices had impact, where in Lady Luck, it didn’t seem to change the story alot if at all.

There were a few technical details that need to be ironed out though. Towards the start of Chapter 5, I got:

text crew_strength Ground Team Active members of the Reckless delegation text medusi_strength Medusi Active Medusi tenders

Now, it’s supposed to represent something but I’m not sure what. There were a few times where a block of text would repeat itself at the end. There was also a problem with Ny-bat, I played a gay female character and perused a relationship with her? but towards the end it started referring to him instead.

All in all though, I found myself caring alot about the crew and what actions would affect them. And at the end of the day, if a Choice Of game manages to do that to me, I consider it a good adventure.

Also, I’m a sucker for a good epilogue.

I’ve just downloaded and haven’t read it yet but I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s free!

Oops, nvm, I just realized it’s a “try it before you buy it” haha xD

Played the Demo as a Bar Owner Male, I also had a female Ny-Bat referred to as male for one of the choices, fun though, seems like there’s a lot of options and enough scope to be various shades of good or evil.

I’ve found the source(s) of Ny-bat’s pronoun problems late in the game, but I don’t know about something in the demo. Can you point it out to me @derekmetaltron?

@jasonstevanhill Sure, it was during the choice where Nybat gets knocked off a railing by you whilst she’s trying to grab you and your choices are to let her fall, try to catch her or activate the emergency anti-gravity. I had him instead in those choices.

yup, you’re totally right. Fixed now and patch has been submitted.

I think I found an error. When I hotwired the cell door to get out, Gao still said that I owed him for helping me escape.

Just played the game . It was ok I liked it. Is there more romance choices than Nybat?

Just playing it at the moment, it’s pretty good so far. I went into it thinking I’d just play the demo but found myself buying the full game - so that’s always a good sign, right? :smiley:

I did notice that the game started referring to ‘Krantic’ by his name BEFORE I’d been told he was called Krantic (when he was attempting to torture me in my cell) which proved very confusing.

Yeah, in the beta Krantic didn’t get introduced until you’d broken out… worth looking again at when he’s introduced by name, Jason, I’d had the same reaction as CJW.

Fantastic to finally see this game released! Look forward to seeing what else has changed for our intrepid Stashie…

@Havenstone yeah, the beta-testers sort of excoriated the game back in July or whenever it was. So we sent it back to the author for another draft. It’s a huge improvement.

I bought the Chrome Web Store version and it’s asking me to pay another $2.99 to unlock everything past the second chapter. When I actually click that button it just skips through, but I’m wondering why it asks in the first place.

@BAPACop can you send me a screenshot? Chrome doesn’t even have IAP.

@BAPACop no need to send me a screenshot. We’ll fix it momentarily. Thankfully, the Chrome version can be updated immediately.

**Edit: Fixed!

Huh guess I’ll have to buy it now. Guilty of being a little critical of the game when testing it. *hides behind brick wall* Scrivener get hugs now yes?

I’m curious as to how it’s changed from the beta. I’m so thoroughly pleased that it did get another draft. The beta was decent, but had the potential to be so much better. I did prefer Reckless Space Pirates (such a better name than Choice of the Starship Prisoner) to Treasure Seekers.

@Scrivener I’d say definitely don’t apologise for being too critical. Well, as long as said criticism was constructive and didn’t just tear the game down. If your comments helped in any way to improve the game then that’s good. It’s better issues come out in the beta when they can be fixed than after release.


As is being demonstrated, it probably could have used another beta after the new draft to catch these pronoun bugs and such. But the author needed to put it down for a while. Hopefully we can squash the bugs before iTunes shuts down for Christmas.

And, @Scrivener, don’t apologize. Constructive criticism is always welcome, especially when it results in a better game.

Just wanted to report a small error : I’m currently on a playthrough where I followed the tenders into their tunnels right after Krantic attacked them, and when some of the crew became trapped, I asked the Medusi to at least let them breathe. I was told that they would live thanks to me, and that it had earned me some respect.
However, on the very next page, I saw this :
You leave the pirates to die, destroying any relationships you may have developed with members of the Reckless crew.

My reputation and allies weren’t actually affected, but it was a pretty big shock! x)

EDIT : I was also wondering if there’s actually any way to go back home? The only option I see now is being cruel to the pirates and completely betraying them, but I’m hoping it won’t come to that. I just wanted to play a character who has a girlfriend and friends at the station, and it’s very out of character for her to just forget about them because she showed kindness to the pirates. ^^’ It would have been nice to have some kind of choice (unless you can never go back, regardless of what happens with the crew?)

@Mistlequill It IS possible to go home - I managed it once, accidentally. Your love interest will even go with you. Basically, you have to be the one to negotiate with the captain on the Medusa’s behalf. She’ll ask what you want in exchange, once the deal is made - there is an option to tell her to take you home. I don’t know the requirements, though…