Choice of the Pirate Discussion

Hm, I enjoyed Choice of Pirates rather throughly, over all I give it a 7.5/10 it’s not the first game by the community I’ve played however it really struck a cord with me. It was cleverly written and while a short play through when I really sat down during lunch it proved to make me want to play it several more times. It does the story very well, I’ve long wanted to see a COG featuring pirates.

It was easy to get through and offered many routes which I played through and got four of five different endings. However it wasn’t just some run of the mill pirate RPG. It had magic and while that might not be saying much because Crimson Sails (I also love) had magic in it I find the magic in Choice of Pirates to be more pleasing and more useful then the magic in Crimson Sails. There was something odd about Choice of Pirates, I found it had an odd mixture of Pirates of the Caribbeans mixed with Assassins Creed: Black Flag It was an odd mixture to be sure but it offered a light hearted jest at the pirates genre as a whole. Offering subtle references to acutal pirate lore and history as well as people and places. (By subtle I mean about as subtle as a cannon ball through the broadside). To be honest I’d been looking forward Choice of Pirates for two weeks. Now for the scores of the over all game.

Overall: 8.5/10

Writing: 6.5/10
Originality: 7/10
Comedy: 4.5/10
Replay-ability: 9.5/10
Romance Options: 7/10

Price: $ 2.99

In closing choice of pirates is well worth it’s price and is one of the better games I’ve seen so far this year, I hope that the mind behind it shall give us more great stories and choices in the future. ~ 68th C


/scratches head/ Usually we have a Discussion and Bug Report thread, but seeing as there’s only this thread and the announcement page, I guess I’ll post it here. Hopefully someone (I’m looking at you, friendly neighborhood moderators!) can relay it to who it has to get to. :joy:

1, when purchasing the Twilight Maiden and the Sea Queen, choosing to captain and make the Sea Queen the flagship of our fleet still plays the scene with Granny confronting us about… not captaining the Sea Queen? Am I not captaining my own flagship? I’m more confused about this than anything.

2, [spoiler]I think that the poly option between Caesar and Joaquin is broken? So, after saying I want to spend the evening with Joaquin after having already started a romance with Caesar, I proceed by selecting “I see if Caesar is interested in adding a partner.” He’s willing to try anything 'cause he’s that devoted to your relationship. The game says as much. And… the following scene starts off about Joaquin… but it quickly derails into centering around Anne Read and apparently trying to proposition her? She is not who I was attempting to bed? I also kinda had previously specified that my fella was only interested in other men, so… it was a li’l weird.

[details=Here’s the scene. You’ll have to click on the spoiler text again. Sorry.]

"Caesar is willing to try anything that appeals to you—which makes you realize just how invested he is in your relationship. Now it’s just a matter of convincing Joaquin to join you. As you expect, Anne Read makes her way to the Lobo Negro for the evening, surrounded by her throng of admirers. But this evening, you find yourself closer to the center of her circle, acknowledged and encouraged to contribute your advice when Anne isn’t busy offering hers. You do your level best to catch her eye, and she holds your gaze long enough that you can see her considering the offer of your company.

But it’s another sailor who she walks off with at the end of the night. Perhaps another time."[/details]

From that point on, the game also doesn’t seem to recognize that I had started a relationship with Caesar. The options to spend time with him only provide options to increase combat skills, talk about politics, or try and better your friendship.[/spoiler]

3, on that note, though, if Caesar is meant to how up under the “Lover” stat after starting a relationship with him, his name doesn’t show up.

Anyways, when not talking about those li’l bugs, I actually really enjoyed the game. It’s a fun pirate tale with a li’l added twist of mysticism. I’ve only managed to finish it once… well, twice if you count an early death as a full playthrough, but it’s definitely got a lot of replayability. Definitely worth the buy. :blush:

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For those who already played, does this game have a message about sexuality like Hero Project and Eternal Sea?
I’m seeing a pattern on new games of CoG and I don’t like it, but if this game doesn’t have the same message like the two antecessors, I’m willing to give it a try.


It doesn’t. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The only time it ever came up in my playthrough(s) was when I was defining my MC’s gender and sexual orientation. That’s about it. There’s plundering to be done, after all! :crossed_swords::island::sailboat:

There’s not much said about gender and sexual preferences. There’s quite a bit of doobloons, ghosts, ship battle, and magic though. It’s pretty good, but rather short

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This game takes place in a fictional world, one related and which shares some historical characters and/or legends (ie Davey Jones Locker) but the use of gender is not anywhere a teachable lesson or a vehicle used to further any overt agenda.

In this world, the female captains are more open and overt than in our historical reality and females are in the nation-state navies but everything fits naturally in this world’s ethos and everyone’s role in the story seems natural and non 4th wall breaking.

The new Hero series should take note - by making the characters “normal” and part of the “natural order of things” this work advances the ideas that all types of people, no matter the gender identity, belong in the mainstream society and that it should be considered normal and not abnormal or unexpected.


How do you get Anne Read as a RO? I’ve tried a few different things but her arc seems to just never materialize.

No, it hasn’t. It is a refreshing game, No a discrimination festival. It is exactly as the game and demo version shows a pirate story and it has great replay value I enjoyed the beta and the special Spanish language bits.

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It’s either a bug or she isn’t a RO. @Lithophene already mentioned a bug where it redirects you to Anne Read so it seems more likely that her whole romance path has bugs but I am not really sure. I also always get the same text when trying to romance her and it doesn’t seem to matter if I talked to her before or not.

edit: So… on a hunch I tried to go the no strings attached route with her and that seems to work. The problem wasn’t that her path had bugs but that she just didn’t want a romance… I am sorry D:

10/10 would get eaten by mermaids again.


That would be a horribly ironic twist of fate for my MC considering his flag was a sultry merman. :joy:


How do we get to romance Joaquin? I’ve only been able to romance Caeser

I’m pretty sure you need a high Crown stat.

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Do you mean how to start the romance or how to see the romance through until the end?

Seconded. I’m pretty sure that’s mostly what you need. Plus having a high relationship stat with him, of course. I played as a pirate willing to work with the Crown on occasion so I ultimately had pretty high stats with both factions. In the end, my MC became the Pirate King and I was able to convince Joaquin to join my crew thus continuing the romance.

If you meant the poly romance with Joaquin and Caesar, it seems to be bugged.

I also loved this game, it was a great story and got 5 stars from me. Enjoyed it very much.
Sorry I haven’t been on the forums much, I really hait this new forum and stopped coming here but be sure I buy every HG or COG that comes out.


I found two bugs while playing, the first is trying to buy both The Ebony and The Amber Dragon, if you try it then you only buy The Ebony.
The second is that I made a deal with the Crown to support me and leave San Alfonso, but the epilogue thinks San Alfonso is a colony for the Crown.

I loved this, it was great. The only thing that I didn’t like happened with my first play through, I didn’t have a moniker and further into the play through everyone called me captain “none” lol. I saw a review on google play where someone else also encountered it. if the moniker = none then it should be removed that way people would just refer to MC as captain. Or have the MC’s last name input instead if there’s no moniker.

That’s not true, I’m pretty sure. I didn’t finish my playthrough, but I was able to talk to Anne later after our first “encounter” when she asked me to check out the secret lair, and I said I didn’t want a reward I wanted romance. She accepted. That’s how far I got. Unless she breaks it off and I don’t know, she is romance-able.

I did the same thing but her romance doesn’t come up again at the end. With the other RO there is at least a mention that we dated but with her it’s the same ending as if we didn’t date.