Their Majesties' Pleasure—Revel with royals, rogues, and Fae!

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We’re proud to announce that Their Majesties’ Pleasure, the latest in our “Heart’s Choice” line of multiple-choice interactive romance novels, is now available for iOS and Android in the “Heart’s Choice” app. You can also download it on Steam, or enjoy it on our website.

It’s 33% off until June 22nd!

In this enchanted sexual escapade, will you revel with mysterious rogues, wily Fae, the Prince, or the Princess? Where will your heart and loyalty lead you as the kingdom trembles on the edge of war?

Their Majesties’ Pleasure is a 225,000-word interactive erotic fantasy novel by Leia Talon, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

As a member of the royal guard, it is your duty to protect the heirs to the throne: the rebellious, fun-loving brother and sister who lead you on a merry chase outside the palace. They open you up to a world that you never knew before: a secret network of assassins, corrupt city officials, and a cabaret brimming with songs, spirits, and sex. And when you are done carousing in the city, you can move into the dark of the magic-filled forest, where demigods and Fae throw jubilant, bacchanal revels, which include orgies for those so inclined.

But the forest is not a peaceful neighbor, and as the enmities of generations past rise up, the realm begins to tip towards war. You are at the center of a tangle of intrigue, and your loyalty is tested at every turn. Your actions could spell the difference between a tentative peace or fierce battle on two fronts.

Where will you find pleasure? Will you seduce the dark-haired Princess Lissa at a revel in the Darkwood, as she indulges her insatiable thirst for magical secrets? Or do you prefer her lithe, muscular brother, Prince Julian, entrenched with enemies of the Crown? Perhaps you’ll have Javier, The Rogue King, the broad-shouldered crime boss who runs the the city’s cabaret? Or Queen Edenia, the curvy Darkwood demigoddess who will let you taste her elixir of stardust? Or Galen, a golden-haired Fae prince whose warrior instincts are as honed as his skills in bed?

And what happens if your allegiance to the realm comes into conflict with the devotion of your heart? Which will you choose: loyalty or love? Can you find a way to have both?

• Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi; asexual; monogamous or polyamorous.
• Romance a provocative prince, a feisty princess, a rogue king, a demigoddess, or an immortal warrior.
• Choose high-heat or sweet options, or avoid sex scenes entirely with lively conversation.
• Pledge your loyalty to the King, turn away from the Crown to side with its enemies – or become a spy to play both sides against the middle.
• Plunge into a seamy urban underworld full of assassins, criminals, and riotous taverns.
• Indulge in mysterious Fae revels, with magical food and drink to heighten your senses and otherworldly music to accompany your dances.
• Uncover the secrets of ages past to help prevent – or to incite – a future war.

Indulge your fantasies in Their Majesties’ Pleasure.

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How exciting! Congratulations to the author, this sounds like some very cool fantasy intrigue and romance which I always enjoy!


This game is such a treat. The setting is delightful, and there’s a broad range of ROs with different personalities and distinct sexual and romantic desires. The steamy scenes are creative, varied, and wonderfully explicit while still coming across more romantic than raunchy. (It’s worth pointing out - and celebrating - that this is the first three-pepper Heart’s Choice game that isn’t m/m - and it features a gender-selectable PC and both male and female ROs.) The non-sexual dialogue options are written with as much care and interest as the flirtations and sexual encounters. I ended up really loving most of the characters and wishing I could spend more time getting to know them.

It deserves to be pointed out what a sensory delight this game is. Leia Talon’s prose is lush and descriptive and brings the setting to life in a way that appeals to all the senses - though the greatest impression I was left with was gustatory. I want the food in this game. Seriously, even the stuff I wouldn’t eat in real life came off sounding completely delicious. This is easily the tastiest thing I’ve played since Teahouse of the Gods.

Although the heart of the game is the romance, there’s a decent political-intrigue plot that adds tension and excitement throughout, especially the second half of the game, and the romance is cleverly worked in as both a source of and a relief from tension.

I hope a lot of readers will give Their Majesties’ Pleasure a try. I think most will find themselves easily caught up in its delights.


eyes Galen

It sounds great, but I dunno - getting involved with Fae rarely ends well. :laughing: Hmmm…

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Stupid question, is there options to play as a trans character?

I keep getting an error every chapter

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Congratulations Leia Talon on the release!

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Please write in to with details about the specific error you’re getting. Thanks!

I don’t know what the options/anatomical descriptions are for nonbinary characters, but I’m playing as a man at the moment and I wasn’t given the option to choose whether I was cis or trans. However: in one scene I’ve played, it would be possible to headcanon that he was trans and has had bottom surgery/magical medical transition (edit: less convincing that mundane surgery would have been what happened, now I’ve played some more). I don’t know how it is for non-man PCs though, or in other scenes.

(not a stupid question at all :heart:)


Okay, was kinda worried about that. Was at least hoping for options for the body, since that’s relevant for any scenes. Guess this one’s not really for me, then.

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For anyone who’s curious, the bodies of nonbinary characters are referred to with non-sex-specific terminology. For example, in a scene in which a woman performs oral sex on the PC, she “lowers her mouth to your waiting lust," while for a man or woman she puts her mouth on “your hard cock” or "your wet pussy.” So you can imagine your nonbinary character with whichever genitals you prefer.


Having done a playthrough now, this feels like an accurate summary :slightly_smiling_face: It’s a very solid game, with some challenge associated with the stats without being overly punishing for failure. I felt that for a game with so much hedonism baked in, it was very sweet, which isn’t a bad thing at all and I was deliberately choosing lovey options; I’m curious to see how other routes feel. And there was plenty to do outside of romance - I did a bunch of successful politicking, yay!


I recommend playing as a bookish character and romancing Princess Lissa. That, or going all-in on the hedonism with Julian and Javier.

The route I haven’t played yet that I still want to is Edenia and Galen together.


I went for Julian/Javier and it was very cute :smile:

I’d like to try romancing the female characters next time (I went in completely blind and hoped Mia was a romance, alas!)


I’d also love to say how much I love Adrian Valdes’s art for this one. I generally do enjoy Valdes’s work, but this might be a particular favorite. It’s so lush and lovely - it really captures the essences of the characters and the feel of the game. I may have made it my desktop wallpaper earlier. :slight_smile:


Wait, are the two Fae already a thing? With each other?

Several of the characters are already a thing with each other. Javier and Julian are friends with benefits, at the very least, while Galen and Edenia are each other’s royal consort (with an open relationship). I’m not sure about Javier and Julian, but Edenia or Galen can agree to a monogamous relationship if you prefer. Lissa is always monogamous.

In the game, it’s explained how the Fae have a different approach to sex and partnership than human society does.


Well crap. At least I found this out in advance. Getting between two people already in a relationship is something I’ve never enjoyed in a game.


Javier and Julian are both available for the PC individually - I had a few choices where I chose to go out with both of them - but I don’t know if they go for you monogamously. From the options I saw I think so …? But don’t quote me as I don’t know for sure.


I’ll probably wait for other opinions as well. I am so interested in this one but ROs having a thing for each other makes me hesitant a bit. In some of my other experience (cough Lunaris games cough), I felt like my MC was intervening what relationship they have before. :sweat_smile: