Choice of Romance Part 3 - Til Death Do Us Apart - Review and Discussion

I haven’t purchased this title yet due to my recent disappointment with the Fall of Memphis. Probably will buy it eventually, but just wanted to know what your thoughts on this are on this new game.

My 2c: it’s fantastic. Well worth buying if you liked either of the previous instalments. It ties things up very well indeed.

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Def worth buying. My fav choice of game yet. Been playing it all day. It is Awesome! :smiley:

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Choice of Romance was the second choose-your-adventure game I tried after the dragon one, and I guess I was kind of invested in the outcome since the story/game structure was still quite novel to me. It was nice to see it conclude, but to be honest I was kind of disappointed with the execution of the ending.

I’d liked if there were some sort of mid episode save mechanic so I didn’t have to replay everything to check out the different endings. And it would have been really nice if there were an epilogue of some sort. The ending wrapped things up, but a bit too quickly and halfheartedly in my opinion, at least with the paths I chose. But this is kind of to be expected since there are so many branches to write that not every one can be fully fleshed out.


So I bought it and I can say without a doubt I liked it. I particularly liked the very last line of the game. Really nice! :slight_smile:

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I guess it’s not playable on the Kindle Fire yet… I shall wait…

I’m displeased that it is insinuated that part 3 is available for Kindle, when it is clearly not. [-(

That’s how I’m feeling. It’s right there on the main page, I clicked it excitedly, and nothing…

I bought and played it. I like this game. Quality of the game is pretty much like previous ones. I like possibilities of outcome. And story of character kind of evolving from Anne Boleyn to Catherine The Great. It’s kind of short, I spent about 45 minutes in my first play compared to Slammed that took me 2-3 hours, however it’s replayable. Overall I think this game live up with CoG standard.

I am a fan of this, as I was of the previous two instalments; but, playing through as a heterosexual male PC, I must say there were a few moments which perturbed me somewhat. Not just with the obvious homosexual hypno malarkey, but also with such moments as the “Oh, someone tried to grasp my mind and play me as a marionette, I’ll sit in my room and cry” nonsense. The game continued with its old mistakes of attempting to nullify all divisions in sex and sexuality (which brings about a state of affairs which is, I think, as Tolstoy said of Nietzsche: “Stupid, and unusual”), its making the PC seem emotionally weak - or at least flamboiyant, and the gender-flip being little more than a change of pronouns included to satisfy CoG’s “diversity” policy.

Still, it didn’t press these elements too far, and I would say they are, overall, minor concerns, but still some things which are worth mentioning.

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@Drazen so you believe women has to serve men because is weak. Nietzische thought than educate women and give vote it was one of illness pf modern society women has to serve men.

Well my mc lead a rebellion and kill the rape bastard and she don’t cry in a corner scared . It’d a fantasy game i don’t want to be discriminated just because women in history could be as good rulers as men heck you are British!!!

@MaraJade Is that an insult against the British? Not to derail this topic, I’m sorry, but really now?

@MaraJade I think you may have misconstrued what I meant.

@Bagelthief the inverse UK is my favourite country in the world. I was pointing your better rulers where in great part women. So the fact a British believe a women can’t rule sounds weird.
@Drazen i don’t understand your point you say you don’t like men posture because your character cry like a women? could you explain your point better?

@Drazen, I thought it did press those elements too far, and I consider this the weakest of the three installments in the trilogy. Nevertheless, this game appears to play considerably better if you’re a straight female or a gay male, but as a straight male, I found this game to be something of a disappointment.

@MaraJade: To put it another way, your character acts like the female protagonist of a Victorian novel (and Mara, in most Victorian novels, sex differences are like laws of physics) sometimes. “Oh, he touched me, I’m going to go cry in my room” is what your character does right after the guy blasts you with his rape magic.

@P_Tigras: I think the problem is that the game is written with the assumption that you’re going to be sexually attracted to any potential love interest. In the first two games, your character’s sexual orientation was something you chose, but now your character is going to be potentially sexually involved with two males regardless (or possibly raped by one of them). If it were just the bad guy, I’d assume that the whole point was his mind magic, but the fact that de Vega is an automatic love interest is jarring, especially because he was explicitly not a romance option in the first game, but made romanceable by fan demand in the third.

Of course, maybe I’m just complaining because I wanted to romance Lucia. :slight_smile: (More seriously, I’d probably be much more tolerant if they’d worked a female New Love Interest into the game, instead of female LIs being limited to the surviving options from the first game.)

@P_Tigras I am somewhat glad to see I’m not alone in these irks.

@MaraJade My distaste, on the point you’re referring to, was with rampant emotionalism. Whether my PC is male or female is irrelevant to the “Oh for God’s sake grow up” response I had.

So, if you were a guy who’s mind was invaded and was being harassed in a very threatening and violating way you would have, what, gone to punch something? Men are not allowed to be shocked and upset? I think anyone would have been rather thrown off by the experience, even more if you’re a straight male- that makes the harassment another shade of uncomfortable.

The game also asks how you feel afterward - so you can pick being angry of upset, after the initial shock. I think the fact so many players find a ‘straight male’ playthrough so disorienting is simply due to the fact it does not align with their cultural exception. But the whole point is that this happens in a world where there are different standards - kind of like the gender flipped Broadside. So you need to adjust your mindset when playing this - just like you should when consuming any media from a different culture.

I also think your character is a clearly a rather dramatic person - nothing he or she does is muted, is it? And nobles are always so dainty~

Anyway, I liked how many variables the game kept track of. It was quite interesting to see the different ways it could go. That meant it was a very ‘gamey’ game - it’s about winning and achieving goals. Personally, I prefer the more story-oriented games, and do not mind linearty. So while I highly enjoyed the complexity of the game, and it’s a fun, casual distraction, I was not as invested as I am in the games that put the ‘book’ before the ‘game’.

Still, a very tight, all in all. A solid addition to the CoG catalog.

@Ramidel Lucia is a children with 15 your character has like 30 pederasty.

@Drazen yes i found weird too i believe it was a magic trick poison our character mind because Im cold and sly by choice. And about romance i choose be women and ones lesbian other straight. The tired de Vega and Mendoza i have to say them no like 4 times lol. i was thinking Fuck yourself get out my room now i never try romance them lol. Say sorry about your wife don’t mean i want you in my bed and the poet he is tired as hell shut up lol. but there are choices to go romance a doll out of my room.

@Jackrabbit Nothing so unreserved would have been necessary. One can feel upset and uncomfortable without punching something, or bursting into tears, - you can choose to be angry, yes, but you’re still always sobbing like a newborn. I would be somewhat interested to see if any female players disliked that addition, as well. But you are correct, the character is clearly rather dramatic - I consider that to be a fault with the game.

I really don’t think the disorienting is anything to do with cultural expectations, as such.

@MaraJade That totally ruined my image of de Vega. In my mind, he went from a Sicilian don to an Ancient Greek erômenos.