'Til Death Do us Part (SPOILERS!)

This is a thread for the third part of Choice of Romance and for everyone to discuss spoilers in. If you haven’t played the game yet then go play it. Then read the following at your own risk.


The trick to freeing the king is to try once, then select the “it’s to dangerous to continue” option, and only /then/ try again. If you go this route, you’ll have an opportunity to trick (in several different way) to allowing you to carry out the ritual.

Is there a way to keep the monarch alive at the end if you don’t choose to murder them by taking over the country? The only way I’ve seen to “win” is kill the monarch, accept Tomas’s proposal and spend ten years in a fog, or die killing Tomas… any insights ya’ll?


Was it ever explained how Tomas turned into the monster he was? Did De Vega and his family get more screen time?

Played through this and I loved the story. Can’t help but think that I would be great in a Game of Thrones… but oh well xD

I’ll try and answer as much questions as I can so if you have one feel free to ask. Now there will be spoilers following for questions already asked

@Scrivener It is possible to save the Monarch and is one of the achievements. To do so you have to convince them to go through the ritual (if you know that person well it won’t be too hard to find out the correct choice.)

@Headhunter180 It never really said why Tomas became a monster (not any playthtoughs I’ve done) but it might be revealed through an action I haven’t chosen yet. But I just understood it as a Game of Thrones so I didn’t put too much thought to it.

The De Vega family has a little bit of screen time but if you have played through you most likely saw most of it. Felt rather sad that I had to turn against my friend like that… and the tragic scene with his wife.


If there are more questions don’t hesitate to ask. If I am unable to answer your questions adequetly I am sure someone else can.

Will look in every few hours.

@Scrivener There are other ways to win.

If your relationship is high enough, and you kill Tomas, (I think) the Monarch can actually stay by your side until they die during a hunt five years later.

There’s lots and lots of endings. Some do require completely different stats though. I found in one playthrough I couldn’t get any sort of good ending. I couldn’t kill the Monarch, I couldn’t defeat Tomas, my stats just weren’t right. I can’t remember the specifics though.


My only complaint, and it is a minor one, is the enormous reputation hit that you take if you choose to have an affair. I mean really, it dings you no less than five separate times, all in the same scene:

  1. First, just for letting your lover into your room.
  2. Again, for not kicking them out when they start flirting
  3. Again, for not kicking them out after they kiss you
  4. Again, for not refusing to have sex
  5. And finally, for agreeing to see them again in the future

I mean, really – based on this, I have to assume that you forgot about a maid in the room while all this was going on… :slight_smile:

At the very least, some of the penalties should be moved to other scenes (the “Do you continue?” and the “Where exactly where you when the assassins attacked?” scenes come to mind). I’d also like to see the impact mitigated by some combination of the following:

  1. High subtle score,
  2. If you are only the king’s mistress
  3. If the king is still having affairs

Arguably, if all three are true, your reputation might go /up/ slightly due to a “The king is getting what he deserves” type of effect, but that’s probably a bit much.


I initially thought I was screwed with one particular saved character – the stats just seemed to be wrong, not enough magic or charm – but as I kept playing, I found there were still ways to win (and not just posthumously).

You might have had a genuinely unwinnable set of stats, but I was pleased to find that what I’d initially thought were a bum set of stats just required the right combo of choices for me to crush Tomas and depose Agustin. Heh heh.

Ways to win (may not be comprehensive):

  1. kill the king to stop Tomas
  2. Submit to Tomas (eventually)
  3. free the king form Tomas’s influence
  4. in any scenario where one of your children hasn’t been named heir:
    A) accept Juntinias claim (eventually)
    B) Successfully fight against Juntinias claim

@FairyGodfeather thanks. I played for hours everyday on the beta and could never figure out how to free the Monarch from mind control. I has fun regardless being my character and found every other ending but that…

i have a great ending i become a constitutional queen commoner love me i marry the poet and my son soon be the best king ever Thomas is dead sadly i don save agustina but i don’t care he love bed children 14 15 are children for me. The poet is better and like a queen i could marry whatever i want.

My question is i couldn’t resist with no one character first Thomas control i only control the don’t reveal a think also i couldn’t avoid his rapist touch i try with high charisma with high magic and nothing

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I haven’t played the released game yet, but in the Beta there were quite a few places where certain actions were guaranteed to fail regardless of how high your stats were. Your stats weren’t even checked in those cases. Actual stat checks on the other hand, tended to be easy to pass unless your scores were pretty low. Of all three games in the series, your stat scores mattered the least in this one.

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Is there anyway to resist Tomas mind control when you first encounter him
And stop him from homosexually harassing you.

Play a woman.

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@MaraJade Three cheers for constitutional governments!

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I have tried to boost Agustin’s affection as much as possible and avoid causing it to drop. I can never seem to reach an ending where he will not have you burnt at the stake if you choose not to act against him, if that is even possible. Still, at least Ricardo will avenge you in that case.

There are options to resist Tomas’ mind control from the start, but they are grayed out and cannot be selected. I tried with magic up to 95, and it still was not possible. I wonder if I have to raise the magic stat to 99 for it to work. For that matter, out of curiosity, is it possible to kill Tomas with a Death Curse? I tend to default to using the ritual to free Agustin, but if there is a shorter route that does not involve expending a considerable amount of wealth to obtain the means to identify those being controlled, I might consider it.

If my character had known Tomas would become what he did, she would have been sorely tempted to eliminate him while he was still a child. Then again, Agustin forcing Tomas to watch his spouse die an excruciating death probably contributed towards making him what he was by the end. Given how violating the mind control is, I have to wonder if it is indeed worse than the death curses. Giving in to him was never an option for my dear character, Isabel de Flores, to begin with. Given what Tomas is like, one has no reason to trust that he will honor his offer.

The chapter with Don Luis’ niece was an entertaining interlude. Killing the girl or destroying her reputation were never options for me, since my character is a close ally and friend of de Vega. For my character, the solution was always going to be finding a suitable spouse for her that was not Agustin. By that point, compared to all the other intrigues that had to be dealt with, this particular matter was child’s play. As Don Luis said, beautifully managed.

I have toyed with the idea of siding with Mendosa concerning his project, but my character is simply not willing to risk completely tearing apart the current social system of Iberia, especially considering how much she and her family have to lose. Combined with the fact that she is a close friend of de Vega, it was virtually assured that she would be aiding him once he made his position clear.

Isabel cared for Agustin. She did not want to have to act against him, but considering how merciless and capricious he was becoming by that point, even towards his own flesh and blood, she realized she had no choice. She knows from long experience the only two outcomes in the game of thrones. I am irritated that Felix de Chaves did not help in the coup, but it worked out in the end, so I will not begrudge him his decision overmuch.

It is strange how Isabel de Flores’ journey in life developed, but the resolution was a good one. Perhaps it was fate. Although it did not begin as love, nonetheless love did grow between my character and de Vega after years upon years of working together, starting with that very first time in court when she was still a slip of a girl maneuvering to resolve the dispute regarding Sahra and the border lords. She simply did not have the heart to turn de Vega away when he wished a refuge to grieve for his lost wife. She did not allow anything untoward to happen, but nonetheless, a spark of interest and tenderness had already been ignited before by seeing this different aspect of de Vega, so passionate and vulnerable beneath that calm, calculating veneer combined with his brilliant mind. In the end, with de Vega’s aid, she succeeded in the coup against Agustin, became regent, and wed Luis de Vega. Together, they will safeguard the future of Iberia for Antonio until he is ready to ascend.

I don’t think it’s possible to resist the initial mind control, regardless of what stats you have. It’s possible to prevent yourself from revealing any secrets though.

@Headhunter180 “Did De Vega and his family get more screen time?”

De Vega gets more screen time if you choose to have an affair with him in Part 3.

I’m really surprised to read how many people got “unsatisfactory” endings. In my first playthrough, I successfully:
* survived the first assassination attempt and decimated Sahra
* married Lucio(a) off to a noble woman
* broke Tomas’s mind control over his thralls and the King
* had him executed at the stake
* exiled Juanita
* eventually had to assassinate the King, but took over the throne as regent
* married de Vega and ruled the Kingdom until my son took the throne

I guess I was just lucky. I’ve always approached this game as an Anne Boleyn style character (but male), so the entire time, I learned from her mistakes. I gently massaged the King’s opinions instead of arguing with him and avoided any other men like the plague. No way was I going to get branded an adulterer and killed!


Congratulations @Daveliam (and welcome to the forums too.) It seems like you did a great job of your first playthrough. You were skilled, not lucky.

I did similar in my first playthrough, I may have cheated a bit though. Actually I’m not sure how I offed the King, I can’t remember.