Til Death Do Us Part ~ endings


I can’t seem to have a “happy” ending in Til Death Do Us Part. For example, every time at the end, I kill Tomas. Then I’m left with either thinking the Queen won’t kill me, killing the Queen, or taking power. Is it possible to have a happy ending where the MC and MC’s lover live?
My stats are 33% booksmart, 88% charm, 49% subtle, 83% magic, 66% wealth, 30-50% reputation (usually in the middle; sometimes 60-70%).
And what are some other interesting endings?


You can become Regent until your heir is old enough to take over. In that ending you can also marry your lover, whether it’s de vega or de mendosa.


So the Queen dies or I die no matter what?


there are good endings where you rule happily and watch your kid end ruling. But you end dying lol, you arent a immortal or a vampire you continue aging.


The King/Queen dies no matter what. Whether the death is natural or early depends on your lifetime of choices.


There’s also the ending where your children are fighting Tomas.


I believe to have a happy ever after, at least until your kids are old enough to take over, you basically have to be a saint. Caesar’s wife must be beyond reproach, or its killed or be killed thanks the to the monarch’s paranoia.

Pity, my chosen MC plays to win, but did honestly care about the Queen, so I ended up marrying Mendoza and signing the magna carta.


To have a happily ever after until the monarch croaks naturally requires absolute sainthood, yes.

But then, if you have your own happily ever after, you condemn dozens of others to the stake while her insanity spreads. Poison or the blade are a good way to save innocent lives.


My very first good ending (where I survived) wasn’t actually all that good (from my POV).
Killing your own spouse via coup d’etat for the sake of the rest of your family (since I didn’t manage to either kill Tomas via spell or convince the King of his crimes) is frustrating, to put it mildly. The character was already slightly tired of him, of course, but still cared. Wouldn’t it have been more logical to just kill Tomas with your allies’ help and then explain things to the no longer mind-controlled King? Alas, no such option.
Well, at least I had both my sons (including a Life Mage) alive and de Vega as a new soon-to-be-husband at the end. As well as high Reputation, Booksmart, Subtle and Magic. Average Charm though, but who cares?
Nevertheless, I feel bad for the King.


Having Tomas killed by your own allies is entirely possible, actually. If you free his victims, you can sacrifice one of them to take him down.

Incidentally, you can’t kill Tomas by Death Curse. He’s too powerful for that to work.


I try to have Tomas killed by Assassins only for Tomas to mind cantrol them and than have them kill me insted.


@Ramidel Can you please be more specific about that possibility?
You can only cure one of Tomas’ vistims, then either lay low (too dangeros to continue) or attempt to cure the monarch and then lay low. That shall I do in order to be able to sacrifice the cured victim?


Normally my character always survives once i’m able to cure the Queen :slight_smile:
The first attempt to cure the Queen always fails but then once the MC figures out how to cure the victims and then lays low until Tomas approaches and the choice is in trying to cure the Queen one last time again it works.^^
If she trusts the MC enough and the charismatic stat is high too it always worked for me so far and i got my fave happy game ending :wink:
I’m sure you can also reach this outcome with other stats but normally for my MC i always try to have high magic and charismatic stat.^^
@Ekaterina I hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:


@FinalFantasyFreak, I did it! I did it, finally! Though not through the means you suggested (stats do not allow it) - I managed to make him suspect some of the Life Mages and thus undergo the ritual. Yay! \:D/


@Ekaterina: Free some of Tomas’ slaves, then attempt to assassinate him and have one of his freed slaves make a suicidal attack on him.