Save the king?

Can somebody post a walkthrough for "Til death do us part " to save the king?
I’ve tried and tried, but if I chose to do nothing and not kill the monarch, I burn at the stake every time…

do you have a high reputation? if it is low, you will be accused of cheating and burn

A little off topic not so much but in the death do us part is there a way to romance de manrosa (sorry for killing the name) the poet and for you both to live happily ever after

My reputation was 77, and I still burn if I don’t rebel against Augustin.
yeah, I played the de Mendosa part, but didn’t like it so much. He’s way to rash and eager for change,but doesn’t think about it thoroughly.
I liked de Vega a lot more, and I always chose him after I disposed of the king.

For de Mendosa, you have to help him pass the idea of the Death Rods. Afterwards you’ll have the chance to have an affair with him when he personally comes to bring you the reports on the Death Rods.When the time comes to overthrow the king, you have to ask for his support and he’ll give it to you if you’ll agree to sign the people’s constitution when you come to power. After you sign it at the end, you become a constitutional queen and you can marry him

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@Fiama Is this the whole thing with Tomas?

I manage to dispose of Tomas every time, if that’s what you mean.

What’s the stats you can get to become the constitutional queen ( also not sure but I think you can break the spell that holds him probalby should wait until somebody else says this is right) don’t completely trust me just saying something I heard.

to become constitutional queen, you need to play the de Mendosa part.
I free the king from the mind altering spell every time, he orders tomas killed, but right afterwards some character knocks on my door saying the king will kill me. And he does, if I chose to trust him and do nothing.
My rep was 77 the last time I tried. My magic, subtle and booksmarts were also above 80 and my charm at about 60. I had virtually no close friends at court because I chose to live only for the king. And the damn bastard has me burnt at the stake.


Sorry I don’t know how to save the king but thank you :o3 :o3 :-bd

Do you have a solid relationship with the king? You can have a high reputation and still not be entirely in his favor, even if he has no extra lovers on the side. This would mean putting aside many other goals you might have to constantly dote on him and make him happy.

I believe the sign of if you will burn or not is if you are warned of rumors about you cheating by a family member. If the king tells you about them himself, you are safe.

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Make sure you don’t EVER do anything to the Consort. If you hurt him/her at all, the Monarch will probably kill you. Just let them go back to their estate, and continue with your plans. Also, I’ve never gotten the natural causes ending, and hurt Jaunita in the same game. You can kill her, even if [SPOILERS] she banishes you in the end. [END]
I had the same problems! I hope this Helps!