(Possible spoilers) Keeping the Monarch alive?

I was wondering about how to get that ending to live with the king/queen even if they were insane (I heard there was an ending like this but I couldn’t get it.). I stuck to the king/queen, was loyal and loving, but my options end up being burnt at stake or to kill the monarch.

I refused to kill anyone in the game except for the Queen consort since I choose to spread false rumours, and got a life mage child through the potion by dueling the life mage (Ramirez was his name, I think). Is it possible to get that ending?

I always managed to get the ‘good’ ending with the Queen/King not killing the MC and just dying of old age.
It always worked for me to not betray or cheat on the Queen. Also try not to kill the Queen consort.
My character also never had a life mage child and instead spend the additional time with the Queen to make sure she keeps in mind why she loves the MC. (if i remember the choices available correctly)
Hope it helps if you try out a playthrough with these differences and you manage to get the ending. :smile:

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Thank you! I’ll try doing that.

Does that also mean I have to avoid killing people indirectly?

Of course I can only refer to my own experiences but during my playthroughs it didn’t appear necessary for my MC to kill any other people directly or indirectly to archive the good ending :smile:
Hope it works for you too :wink:

I’ve never been able to win the game, and keep the monarch alive. I normally kill the Consort in some way, is that the problem? I feel if I don’t, I will never be able to marry the Monarch. Please help! I don’t like killing people!

I think it could be the problem. Did you ever try a playthrough without killing anyone and just spending additional time with the Queen/King? :smile:
It’s true you won’t be able to marry the monarch this way but I guess it’s either marrying or good ending. But also don’t cheat on the Queen/King. When I play this way I always end up with the good ending. If it doesn’t work for you I can tell you my stats as well, just let me know. :smile:

I finally got it! Thank you!
[SPOILERS] I think my problem was being too friendly to either Mendosa or de Vega during the Death Rods chapter. I never had an affair, but I would do small things, like greet Mendosa with a smile, or express my empathy for de Vega after his wife died. I also had a Life Mage child most of the time, but this time, I went to court, and it paid off.
Anyways, thank you for your help!