Choice of Romance Help plz

SPOILER So I need help, I know it’s been a bit since it was released and there’s probably other topics on it but I’m on my cell phone and navigating the forums on it is a pain so, basically, how can I get a good ending in choice of Romance? I keep getting hypnotized… Thanks for the help in advance.

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High magic, basically

With 80 magic I got past the hypno part, anyone know what to do after that? Now I keep getting caught. x_X they made this very specific huh

Subtle or just don’t try anything dangerous.

Thank uou! I’ll try going all subtle and magic

When you get to "Til Death Do Us Apart, try a coup to kill the Monarch. It sounds heartless, but that is the ONLY way I’ve ever gotten a satisfactory ending, besides assassinating him myself.

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If you’re interested in curing the monarch, then this should work -

After you’re hypnotized and you decide to get him back (if you want to), then choose to find out who’s under mind control, make lists, then try to save the monarch. You’ll fail the first time, but then you have to stop trying until the next encounter with Tomas, where you then try to save the monarch again. For some reason that doesn’t always work for me, but it’s the only way I’ve found to resolve the problem.

I understand this was months ago but, hopefully you’re still interested :joy:

The only way to stay alive and not have to kill your spouse is to either 1) get up to 99% Reputation (always make sensible, modest choices, plus go on the hunt with the Monarch in Part 2 and convince him to accept the Aguilars’ ultimatum because you want to put Iberia’s needs above your own) or 2) take a lover in Part 3, keep seeing them, get caught, and let them be executed. The Monarch has to be convinced you’re 110% loyal to them or they won’t trust you enough to let them break the enchantment.

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Is there a sequel?