Affairs of the Court: Walkthrough

I will be posting here a series of walkthrough’s and how to’s for gaining the achievements of all the episodes of Affairs of the Court. Please feel free to add anything I miss!


This is one of the better endings that I’ve had and was plesently supprised. So for this Walkthrough you’ll have a total of 230 points of achievements! Woo-hoo :raised_hands: :clap: (Only 770 to go right?)
This will give you, in order:
Wizard’s Joust
Choice of Romance
Peace Offering
Choice of Intrigues
Power to the People
Protector of the people
Spider Killer
Viva la Revolución
After All These Years, Happily Ever After
A Crown of My Own
Magna Carta

The first five choices do not truly matter. The hold no consequences to your Stats as far as I could tell when I played. You absolutely want magic to be your highest score. Its the hardest to raise throughout the game and still get “good” endings( you may or may not have to throw out a few death curses to get it rise if its not your highest score. Which will in turn cause a total of 6 of these achievements to not be available to you in the choices I have made)

• Rush into the barn
• Yes
• Daughter
• Name
• De Castillo
• Magic, charming, subtle, bookmarks

You absolutely want magic to be your highest score. Its the hardest to raise throughout the game and still get “good” endings( you may or may not have to throw out a few death curses to get it rise if its not your highest score. Which will in turn cause a total of 6 of these achievements to not be available to you in the choices I have made) Charm and subtle may be switched to your choosing as they will both grow.

• True love
• Brown
• Grey
• Women
• Gossip
• Truuuuue love

The choices above have no consequences to stats.

• Pleased ( you will find her useful later. I always choose this)

• Very well
• Play the role
• Yes
• Not what I want but well play until something better
• No, thank you
• Excellent

These choices help your reputation. Its a very delicate thing in this game. Any choice variants in the above choices hurt your reputation.

• Gratefully(want on our Aunt’s good side for later)
• The queen
• Dress appropriately (reputation is what we strive for)
• Of course!
• What is the point!?

Who would pass up the opportunity to impress the Queen?

• (Get the wizard jousting achievement)
• I don’t want to but
• Things are going exactly to plan

Above choices are for reputation.

• I understand well only for social aspects
• Of course count on my support
• Peace. War would be a disaster
• Determine political positions
• No
• No
• No
• I am happy with current outcome
• No
• No
• No
• Neither

Reputation is saved by these. You can only give the rose to Dona Carlota and your reputation not be hurt at the moment. But if you choose to give it to her, this choice leads to a different route I have not outlined in this walk through.

• No
• Forcing her to chase me
• No
• I regretfully refuse
• I will leave her to wonder
• Accept the gift

To successfully romance the Queen and do the least damage to your reputation, only accept one of her gifts. It does not matter which, then refuse her when she asks to let her send a servant for you at night. As Mama said, “Nothing good ever happens when the Queen sends for you at Midnight!”

• No
• Accept

Decline and you will stink of goat. Really, its an achievement.

• Use her favor to get in the running of the country
• I refuse

He means he wants you to kill someone. Uncle Pedro has had a little too much to drink right now, he needs some rest.

• I love Agustina
• (Choice of romance achievement)
• Tearfully
• I tried to promote reconciliation
• Rich blue gown( you get it by now right? Reputation)
• I admit its true
• I humor
• Pretend I saw nothing
• Friendly manner
• Well your half brother
• A queen must not be blackmailed
• Run after the queen
• Soothe her
• I agree with her
• Well that settles it
• Yes
• I’m not sure. But timing is intresting
• Perhaps you’re right
• Of course
• Aguilar threat
• Attempt Juanita marry saran. And gain court approval
• Investigate the king
• Nothing support her either way
• Investigate king
• Go inside and look around
• (Peace offer achievement)
• Happy with things
• (Catfight achievement)
• Greet with a smile on my face
• (Choice of intrigue achievement)
• That is a wonderful idea
• Neutral
• No need
• I dismiss
• Yes
• Death mage( Choose your first choice after all three interactions. They all agree.)
• Life mage
• Comander of army
• Not what I prefer
• (Power to the people achievement)
• No
• She is intelligent
• I disagree
• Nothing just example
• Feel about what?
• No. Tomorrow
• Repeat x5

D@#n this woman does not give up!

• Neither
• Yes, keep her safe
• Yes it would be cruel not to
• Deliver future reports in writing

Yup… I didn’t learn… Reputation ruined slightly. Only dropped 20 or so points by telling her why I was cutting her off for right now. But it all turns out in the end. I highly suggest making these choices. I’m not sure the ending would be the same if I had not made these.

• Worried
• Go right to her
• She acted properly
• Talk to Don vega
• Leave silently
• Agustina is better than this

Who will cook all of our food?

• (Protector of the people achievement)
• Use my magic skills
• I am in terrible danger
• Send my own assisns

Any delay in either choosing to recognize you’re in danger or sending your own assisns will end up with your untimely death by, you guessed it, assassination. It leads to another achievement though if you’re up for that.

• Can’t do that to the queen
• Yes
• Don’t be ridiculous
• Run to her
• What in the world
• I don’t ask
• I do nothing
• Wear grey
• Ignore
• Ignore

Believe me I was worried too, but shes harmless in end.

• He’s a marionette
• Itterupt her
• Your magisty please

Huge bump in reputation for those last two choices.

• Fallow her
• I shall go to the queen
• I am yours
• Yes
• I’d better not
• Keep silent
• Take a step back so he can’t reach me
• Livid
• I am certain
• Threatening his position
• That explains things
• He must be stopped
• Research
• Find a way
• Ask aunt to foot the bill(told you she would be needed later)
• Assemble list
• Cure lackeys
• Carefully attach to rat
• (Liberator achievement)
• Try and cure queen
• Enough for now( another attempt will lead to you being caught. You want to try and be sneaky.)
• Laugh
• Break his control if its the last thing I do

It doesn’t exactly go to plan huh? Well you have the option for a slightly alternative ending that I think is even better.

• Seize power
• For Iberia
• Present as Tomas fault
• Recruit Don Felix
• Recruit mendoza
• I don’t agree but I accept
• And the people
• (Viva la revilution achievement)
• (Spiderkiller achievement)
• Ignore her
• (A crown of my own achievement)
• I sign gladly
• ( Magnacarta achievement)
• Make proposal!
• (Aftet all these years, happily ever after achievement)
• Ending with booksmart 62, charm 86, subtle 40, magic 80, wealth 66, reputation 61

I hope this helped with some of your run-through issues. As of now I have played the game a total of 54 times all the way through to get this on my own. I would use the first save as a starting point for the rest of your future achievement hunts. It offers very good starting stats compared to my other play throughs!


Just one piece of advice, when selecting the dress, go for the one that matches your eyes (to avoid confusion)


Thank you! I forgot to mention that. I chose my eye color as grey, so I always choose it for my reputation stat :grin: You want to try and stay as consistent with the choices you’ve already chosen for the PC as possible

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Okay, guys and gals! For this Walk through we’re going for our Happily ever after. I’m just going to start on part 3 Till Death Do Us Part with the save I got from Choice of Intrigues in the play through up above. So, all choices will be the same up until Part 3.
You’re upcoming achievements will be, in order from beginning to end:
Spider Killer
Think Again, Your Magisty
Walked Away
Juanita’s Mercy
This will give you 60 more points! Here we go :grin:

• I don’t have a strong opinion, so I plan to stay out of it.

• No, there’s no need

• Yes. De Vega is going to hate this. I think he would appreciate knowing about it as early as possible.

• He is absolutely right.

• No. I will henceforth be neutral. I will help neither de Mendosa nor de Vega, and let the chips fall where they may.

• Yes, very much so.

• No, I do not think such words would be welcome from me at this time.

• I pretend I did not hear it.

• Yes, of course. De Vega matters little to me when compared with my reputation.

• Hm? Oh, yes, de Vega. What of him?

• Worried. My beloved Agustina could die

• I hurry through to Agustina’s bedside. I must be there for her at once.

• She acted properly. Of course the Queen’s spouse must be informed of so serious an illness, even if they are estranged and no longer communicate in any way.

• Ask de Vega about why he has issued those orders.

• I do not dare argue that the Queen is being unjust to all of them, but perhaps I can save some of them.

• Flee to the stables, where the Queen and the bulk of the Royal Guard are.

• I am in terrible danger. I must strike against my enemy Sahra without any loss of time.

• Send my own assassins against Sahra to teach them a lesson.

• I can’t do this to Agustina. I tell the assassins not to harm her.

• Yes, it is my duty to Iberia

• I will stay quiet this time, but in the future I cannot allow fear to prevent me doing my duty to the realm.

• Run to the Queen’s side.

• Are you mad to say such a thing? The walls have ears!

• I don’t ask anyone. It does not interest me.

• No, that doesn’t sound right.

• Given the Queen’s recent erratic behavior, I am concerned she might fall for the girl and turn against me. I immediately begin to plot how to pull this little cat’s claws.

• Make her a brilliant marriage.

• Wear a gray gown the color of my eyes, in a dignified style suitable to my age

• Find someone else for Lucia to flirt with.

• Promote the romance between Lucia and the Condesa.

• He must be a masterful political schemer.

• Interrup her. Her Majesty must not embarrass herself any further.

• Lower my eyes and let her finish.

• Follow her.

• I shall go to the Queen at once. She needs me now, more than ever.

• I … am yours to command.

• Yes, Tomás. Yes. I trust you.

• I …think I’d better not.

• But what about Princess Juanita? The Queen has named her heir to the throne.

• Take a step back so he can’t reach me.

• Livid. Tomás will pay for what he did.

• I am certian

• Tomás knows that I can threaten his position. He wants me on his side.

• It would certainly explain why he couldn’t choose an heir of his own.

• He must be stoped, at any cost.

• Research ways to break mind control.

• Find a way to determine who is under the influence of mind-altering Life Magic.

• Ask Aunt Leonor to pay for this from the funds of House de Castillo.

• Assemble a list of names of people under mind control.

• Try to cure some of Tomás’s lackeys.

• Carefully attach the thread to a rat.

• (Liberator)

• Try to cure the Queen

• That’s enough for now. It’s too risky to continue.

• Blush. What will people think?

• This is my last chance to break Tomás control over Agustina’s mind. I resolve to find a way if it is the last thing I do.

• A bit of misdirection: I suggest that other Life Mages may have cursed her to cause illness.

• (Spider Killer, Think Again, Your Magisty)

• Yes, of course. Agustina loves me. She will never turn on me.

• (Til Death Do Us Part)

• Numb

• Uncle, the true prize is safety. I have risked much and won much for my family in this arena–and now the days of risk are done. I will pay homage to Juanita when she arrives, and then we will all depart to voluntary exile, where I may know my family safe from the machinations of the Court.

• ( Walked Away)

• Excited. I think I know what this is about.

• I thank her for the honor she is conferring upon my son.

• No, not at all. Those peaceful years in the country were what I really wanted.

• (Juanita’s Mercy)

Booksmarts 33, Charm 74, Subtlety 66, Magic 80, Wealth 66, Reputation 64

This is by no means the only way to reach this ending, but I find it to be the easiest. I’ve read someone along my search for other walk through and guides, that you can only get this ending if you don’t cause the death of anyone on purpose or accidentally. I’m here to tell you this is not true. Ive killed almost everyone possible I could at one point trying to get my Magic Score as high as possible (This is a quick and easy way to get another achievement At the Stake, if your Subtlety is not high enough.) and I was still able to achieve this ending. The only differences are, if you kill the King Consort and choose not to get the life mage potion you will get The Heir Presumptive. With the life mage potion you will get The Rightful heir.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask and always, if you have any suggestions let me know!


Autocrat run pls? (A crown of my own, children as heir I don‘t care about other achievements)

How can i save the king /queen?

Your rep has to be decent. Mine was 69 by Part III and my subtlety like 80+. Have your character be compassionate when they can and try your best to keep the king/queen from going off murder sprees. When Tomas mind manipulates the king/queen, do as the guide suggests, stick to the king/queen and basically remind them why they love you every opportunity, then there will be an option to approach the life mages for help; take it. The king/queen will be freed mentally and Tomas gets killed. The king/queen lives til old age unless you do something about that.

I forgot to mention this but also in Part II, if you don’t have a Life Mage child (I got this one playthrough through high magic and booksmarts somehow, but idk) without approaching that crazy guy in the tavern, then there will eventually pop up a screen asking how you’ll respond to the Sahara threat, etc. Tempting as it might be, do not rile up Juanita and her fam; try your best to encourage the King/Queen to get along with them, don’t snap back at Juanita when she antagonizes your character, have assassins kill her, etc. Mainly because I think if you have anymore of a divide with them, my suggested strategy of asking for help with the Life Mages later in Part III won’t work.