Game Code/Walkthrough?

Is there a way to read the game code for the 2nd and 3rd Parts? I can only find the Part 1 stuff here

I just had a go at 'Til Death Do Us Part and was really overwhelmed. I like being able to see all the options that are open to me. The Game Code is the closest thing we have to a walkthrough, yes?

Where did you purchase the game from? If you bought it from the chrome store it’s a simple matter. I’ve no idea how if you bought it on another device though.


Sorry I don’t know how to access the code in itunes. I’ve never owned an i-device.

I have the answer to your problem! This link leads only to the Demo Version, and the Demos only have the scenes of the free area, not the purchased ones. I think they only put the files of the free part in it.

For example: If a demo game is only playable till Chapter 2, it will only have these 2 scenes inside of it. There are no scene 3,4,5 in this version. While the full version has all the scenes put into scenes folder.

So if you want to check the scenes of the entire game, you do it on the link of a paid version. Now I don’t know how or where you downloaded it from. Try re-downloading it.

If you still don’t understand, and I know you won’t because I explained it very poorly. :frowning: , tell me.

I don’t understand :expressionless:

A question I had whilst this thread is active was what the different paid sections meant I can see in the app’s page since I have yet to actually buy this… I can see that Episode 2 and 3 have options for in app purchases but what do the other ones - Play as the Consort, A Life Mage Child and Death to the Princess - what do these actually do? Are these additional scenes and options, bits of the full episodes or what?

@DerekMetaltron I believe that these are ways to automatically receive goals that may be a little bit tricky to get in the main game. In the first game it can be a little difficult to marry the Monarch and become consort. By choosing that option it means you will automatically be Consort. A Life mage child is quite difficult in the second game, so again that lets you skip the hard work and jsut get one. I assume that the third one lets you just kill Juanita. They’re not so much extra scenes, just characters you get, which save you a little bit of time playing the game to get those characters yourself.

@Timelady945 I think Blueowl misunderstood what you were asking. The version on the website is just Part 1, so you can only see the code from that on the website. Part 2 and Part 3 aren’t on the web so you can’t see the code at

I don’t have an iphone so I don’t know how you can access the code there.

@FairyGodfeather So they’re effectively easy buttons then for reaching stuff which is hard to get to, ok. I know that when I played the previously free version of Episode 2 that you seem to only get a Life Mage Child if you’re prepared to accept the King/Queen sleeping with the new girl at court.

@Derekmetaltron I think so.

And no, the life mage child there’s two ways to get. The first is that you need to investigate a potion that can give you one. The second is there’s a 1 in 100 chance that the random generator will give you one. The random generator will reroll every time you access the stat page though so if you’re willing to go to the stats screen and back a whole pile of times you can cheat in order to ensure you get a life mage child without doing what needs to be done plotwise.

I bought it from Chrome store, so out of curiosity, how do you see the code?

@DerekMetaltron and @FairyGodfeather: that is correct about those paid sections. They essentially save you the trouble of playing through the first two parts and allow you to “hand select” your options, so to speak.

@FairyGodfeather Ah, I see, thank you. That’s a shame, because I really like knowing the consequences each action has and all the various endings that are available. Oh well :frowning:

If I actually had an ipad I might be able to work it out. I don’t have one though, unfortunately.

@FairyGodfeather, I second @Gadriel’s question- how do you work it out on Chrome?

The same way that you do with a web page link – by modifying the URL.

The URL will look something like this (in Chrome): chrome-extension://midinkaigajmdfonfleopboienmjnlmc/index.html – just remove the “index.html” from the end and replace it with “scenes/” and proceed as your normally would. You can also use “View Source” to get the names of the various scene files that you want to look at.

Wasn’t able to get it to work, @mreed

(In Chrome, obviously)

Did you try scenes/startup.txt ? That would let you view the start page (and the name of all the scenes I.E scene1, scene 2, death, etc), and then when viewing another scene use: scenes/scene1.txt (for example)

If you haven’t purchased the game on Chrome it won’t work there.

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