Till Death Do Us Part: Worth It?


Now that the long awaited sequel has been released, has anyone played? Thoughts?


I’ve not purchased it yet. I did play the beta. If you enjoyed the first two games then you should definitely purchase the third because it wraps everything up and provides an end for your story.


I just finished playing the whole game and I would say that it was worth the money I spent. It kept me on my toes with the options and I played several times to find different endings. I’d give it a chance!


Where is in Google play? i couldn’t find it i want play it now!!!




i buy it already


That should be the game. It says it has part 3.


After all I saw in the beta it is soooo well worth buying it. I had way too much fun testing it and can’t wait to see how others view it :slight_smile:


Yes, it is – now that I’ve examined the code, I’m truly amazed at the number of viable & unique *winning* (= survive and still a power in court) paths available in part 3.

Very minor spoilers – not much more than you could get from achievements, if they were available.

  1. You can win without being married to the monarch
  2. You can win without being the monarch’s exclusive mistress (e.g. the king takes other lovers in part 2)
  3. You can win without a life-mage heir
  4. You can win (I think) without EVER resorting to “dirty tricks” – note that you can become the monarch’s spouse without dirty tricks, if I’m remembering part 1 correctly.
  5. You can lose & still win – in two unique ways (yes, its confusing – I’m trying to avoid spoilers here)
  6. You can, of course, be quite manipulative / evil and still win, but no surprise there, right? :slight_smile:

In addition to all of that, there are a number of interesting ways to /lose/ – ~5 unique ways to die (some preceded by banishment).

All and all, I’m /very/ impressed after being mildly disappointment in CotV 2 – I hope that another series is started that takes place in the same world / kingdom with the “next generation”, although I suspect that I’ll be disappointed.


Im adore this game its amazing!!! i have some issues against the mind rape its really complicated and horrible but you could resist it at least and don’t portrait nasty bad taste scenes is good see a cog wits quality amazing storyline when the choices matter. Buy it now heck its best Cog official game with a Stupid so cheap prize!!! BUY iT now or i would poison you!!!


I’d think it’s best not to talk about spoilers in this thread, since people are asking if the game’s worth playing. If someone wants to start a new thread with SPOILERS in the subject line, we could discuss all those fun things though.


oh @FairyGodfeather sorry :frowning: i don’t mean to spoiler i was so excited than couldn’t control my self start crying sorry


I also agree, it’s amazing, even though the mind control thing angers me cause I don’t know what to do about the queen. I’ve died twice, and two times I’ve gotten the unique lose/ win endings. All in all the game is amazing


@marajade hey Mara if you get a good ending mind pm ing me? I haven’t gotten one yet xD


No problem @Marajade I know it’s really exciting that it’s been released.

I made us a thread so we can discuss spoilers and talk about things.


It was well worth it if you have played any of the others.

I always loled at that point thinking that the person was being all Yugi Moto/Yami on you lol.

Will catch you on the spoiler side


I loved this in beta, and will have to pick it up now that it’s out. Jason, you mentioned in some other thread that Apple rejected the initial build – was that for content, or for some other reason?


Not for content. I forget the details exactly. It wasn’t a big deal, it mostly just pushed the release date back a week.


Oh, now I remember. They didn’t like something about the Achievements.

So, now that it’s officially out, we’ve submitted a new version with the Achievements again, and hopefully they’ll approve them this time. But at least that won’t hold up the release any more.