Choice of Romance Achievements?

Hello. I’m trying to get all 56 of the achievements in the game, but I’m stuck on how to get quite a few of them.

The ones I don’t have are:
-On the Block
-Death in the Family
-Died Smiling
-General Murderer
-Your SIbling’s Keeper
-A Little Bird Told Me
-Double Triple Cross
-Protector of the People
-Freedom and Revenge
-Coup d’Etat
-A Taste of Death
-If You Stab at the King, You Must Not Miss
-The Heir Presumptive
-For My Children

Also, if anyone needs help with an achievement that I do have, I’d be glad to help


Hmmm? I think I can help you.

I haven’t done these but I have an idea how.
For General Murderer - You need to kill Don Felix, this can be done if you accept Enrique Ramirez’s price. For A Little Bird Told Me - You need to fail to kill Don Felix, get caught and feign insanity.

These are the one I have achieved.
Protector of the People - You need to save the cooks and not pin the blame on Dona Carmela (I’m not sure about the later but that’s what I did to get it.)
Coup d’Etat - I was the King Consort who decided that I’m not safe with the Monarch so I rallied a rebellion. (I think you need to be the Consort to get this, not sure since I never played as a mistress yet xD)

Ummm… Also for me these happens to be my missing achievements… I hope you can help me out.

  • A Respectable Marriage

    Happily Ever After

    Haunted Mansion

    Brainwashed Assassin

    One Kingdom

    Death to the Princess

    Pluck the Rosebud

    Juanita’s Mercy

    Power to The People

    Love & Poetry

    Love & Power

    Freedom and Revenge

    Viva la Revolución

    Til Death Do Us Part

    After All These Years, Happily Ever After

    The Rightful Heir

    Magna Carta

    Live and Let Die

    Walked Away

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On the Block: Be beheaded by the Monarch

Your Sibling’s Keeper: Be killed by your sibling in revenge for murdering their spouse and step-daughter

If You Stab at the King, You Must Not Miss: I’m pretty certain this is failing to kill the Monarch in the third game. I might be wrong, though.


Pluck the Rosebud: Kill Adelita (I THINK)

Juanita’s Mercy: Junaita takes the throne and lets you live, albeit exiled to the far edges of the country.

Love & Poetry and Love & Power are the conclusions of the de Mendosa and de Vega romance arcs, respectively.

Magna Carta: help de Mendosa establish a constitution.

Til Death Do Us Part: you get if you manage to get the “Monarch died in a hunt” ending


@Apocrypha Anymore details on how to get these? I’ve tried to be beheaded multiple times, and I haven’t figured out how, nor have I figured out how to get my sibling to kill me. I’ll mess around with my stats in the third game and see how that turns out.

@OverLordAyame Adding to what Apocrypha said…
Pluck the rosebud is indeed killing Adelita. I don’t remember how I did it, but I think it should be pretty easy to do.
Juanita’s Mercy: I did it by having two death mage children, Juanita pronounced as heir, and by waiting until the Monarch died of natural causes. Then I just let Juanita take over without a fight.
'Til Death Do Us Part: You’ll need to: eliminate the Tomás threat, let the monarch live, and then either have a high relationship status with the monarch AND a high reputation, or go through a period of suspicion, to get out of which you must blame your suspected/actual lover, which leads to their execution.

Also @OverLordAyame , here are some things for the other ones.

~These Achievements are in the first game~
A Respectable Marriage: Marry Torres, and don’t fool around with the monarch.
Happily Ever After: Elope with de Mendosa. Note that you also can’t be engaged with the monarch to get this, if you are de Mendosa will break it out.
Haunted Mansion: Don’t marry anyone, be the monarch’s lover, but have the monarch loose interest in you. If I recall correctly, I selected “try to make the monarch fall for you completely”, and then chose an option that corresponded to a stat that I was low with.
~These achievements are in the second game~
Brainwashed Assassin: Ok. Kind of a tough one. Pick a low magic stat, meet with the Enrique Ramirez, pick a choice that doesn’t include fighting him, but then when he names his price, try to fight him. He will overpower you and brainwash you into killing Don Felix.
One Kingdom: Get the monarch to engage Juanita to Aguilar.
Death to the Princess: I did this by directing my family to start a whisper campaign against Juanita, which then resulted in her execution.
~These achievements are in the third game~
Power to the People: Ally with de Mendosa and get death rods in mass production. I found that high charm and subtlety stats helped.
Freedom and revenge: I haven’t gotten this one, but it looks like it involves using one of Tomás’s mind-slaves against him.
After All These Years, Happily Ever After: Marry de Mendosa after killing the monarch and gaining control of Iberia.
The Rightful Heir: Get Antonio to inherit the throne. This should be easy if you have him as a life mage and have had Juanita killed.
Magna Carta: First, ally with de Mendosa and get death rods in mass production. Then, rebel against the monarch, recruit de Mendosa, and arm the common people. After that, you must sign de Mendosa’s proclamation of the noble’s rights.
Live and Let Die: Remember how I said that surviving to see the monarch die in a hunting accident could involve betraying your accused/actual lover? This is the achievement for betraying them.
Walked Away: I got this one by letting Juanita rule without protest.


Is there a way to kill Tomás with out been executed or kiled?

You need to have a high relationship stat with the Monarch. But basically, the way I did it was I chose the options to: research how to break mind control, find out how to detect who was under mind control, assemble a list of people under mind control, try to cure the monarch (and fail, you always fail), and then choose “It’s too risky to continue” or something like that. Then the next time around, refuse Tomás’s proposal and try one more time to cure the monarch. When it asks how you want to convince the monarch choose whichever option fits your stats best, and then cure the monarch. The monarch will then execute Tomás.


@Lucia: You need to have low Subtle (basically get caught). Specifics:

On the Block: Murder the Consort (best with death magic, poison has the risk of you dying). With a Subtle below 50, the Monarch uncovers what you did and beheads you.

If You Stab at the King, You Must Not Miss: Try and fail to kill the Monarch with poison–you’ll end up dying yourself. Again, I believe this requires a Subtle below 50.

Your Sibling’s Keeper: Okay, I was wrong. “A Death in the Family” is the one where your sibling tries to kill you. THIS achievement you get by killing Don Felix, Rosa, and Mateo/Magdalena.

I also did a bit more scoping around:

Double Triple Cross: Unlocked when Ramirez betrays you with the life mage potion. Basically, fight him, threaten to use the death magic curse, and decide to kill him anyway. He’ll leave behind a defective potion and Antonio will be born a death mage.

Honeytrap: Use sex to control de Vega.

The Heir Presumptive: Put your child on the throne despite a weak claim. Best way to do this is to not marry the Monarch, NOT have Antonio be a Life Mage, and execute Juanita. Then defeat Tomas and make it to the end with the Monarch. They’ll die, and since there’s no one else in the country with royal blood, the throne will pass to Ricardo.

Live and Let Die: Survive the Monarch’s paranoid by throwing your ally/lover (de Vega/de Mendosa) under the bus. If you have a good enough relationship score with the Monarch, they’ll believe you and kill de Vega/de Mendosa, leading to the “Til Death Do Us Part Ending”. This is by far the easiest way to get that ending.

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Hmm. I managed to get myself beheaded, but the achievement didn’t register. Any ideas?

@Lucia and Apocrypha: Thanks! But I’m a bit confused about If You Stab at the King, You Must Not Miss. I got to the hunting part where the king was to die but never got the choice to betray him… Is this another scene entirely?

@OverLordAyame: If s/he died naturally, then you missed your chance. After you defeat Tomas, the game will ask you if you really feel safe from the Monarch’s paranoia. Say no, and you can choose to try and assassinate them with poison.

Ok. I have all of the achievements now except for Pelican and Your Sibling’s Keeper. How do you get them? I’m particularly finding it frustrating finding a way to kill my sibling, and I have no idea how to get Pelican.

Pelican: Give your own life to save your sons during the nursery attack.

@Aquila_De_Owl I’ve tried that, but I’ve always seemed to make it end up so that my sons die? Is there a stat I’m missing?

I haven’t played in a while, so I’m trying to figure it out through the game code; you can also check for yourself if you’d like, but I think it would be easier for me if you can list your stats or possibly what options you’re choosing? I would assume it would have something to do with magic considering the reason you fail is because your magical prowess wasn’t good enough if I remember correctly, though I don’t remember the last time I got that achievement.

@Aquila_De_Owl I usually play with high subtlety and charm stats, but I’ve also went through the options with high magic and book smart stats to see if it made a difference. Every time the attack happens I choose to go to the nursery, where it then asks if I’m ok with doing that since it could draw attention to my sons, and I say yes. If I say no I am prompted to go to another place. Anyway, as soon as I went in the nursery, it either says that my son dies (if I have a low magic stat), or that both I and my sons live because I was able to fend off the assassin (if I have a high magic stat.)

@Aquila_De_Owl Any luck?

How do you get Your sibling’s keeper or Death in the family. I can’t seem to get Magdalena to hate me or die.

@starralu I can’t get Your Sibling’s Keeper, but basically for Death in the Family when you get caught you need to tell them that you killed Don Felix and his daughter so you could get a life mage child. You’ll be sent to jail and Magdalena will send an assassin.

How do you get:

Died Smiling
freedom and revenge
If you stab at the king you must not miss…

@RockStar, I haven’t got the first two yet but I managed to get If you stab at the king you must not miss. If I recall correctly (it’s been a while since I last played the game), you have to decide to kill the king through poisoning him then fail. (You need low subtlety for this one.).