"Cannonfire Concerto" Achievement Help (Tag Your Spoilers!)

This is a general thread to help people get all those sweet sweet cheevos.

For starters, how do you collect wigs and hats to get those achievements? I got one hat by - oh, how do I tag spoilers myself? - but I am quite in the dark as to how to get others.


In regards to hatsYou get one hat by performing the concert for the Universal Union, and then the one from the Countess, but those are the only two I know of.

Anyone know how to get the Guardian Angel Achievement? How about Unstoppable?


You get other hat going to the slums

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@poison_mara I’m guessing you must successfully punch the mugger? I’ve done the other two options successfully but never gotten it

what mugger.? No in the city where says I go to the slums to live adventures. You bought a hat of a courtesan. Is other city.

Is it ok to ask n e 1 who the romance options r here?

Anna and the countess

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Does that mean that there are no other love interests or are they just the ones you know about?

Four replays and I can’t romance anyone else. There are people who are attracted to you and you to them. BUT GAME IS A NIGHTMARE TO KNOW WHAT CHOICE IS ABOUT… So many hidden stuff. Someone has to look code lol I can’t in my app.


Yes, that seems right to me. That is what I have found as well. I guess there could be more, but if so, I can’t locate them.

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I didn’t have the patience to wait so I ended up checking the files, I only needed to check the epilogue to know which romance is available and sadly, no, Cornelius isn’t a romance option nor King Ferenc :c Woe is me, oh well, I guess that romance royalty description was a lie.


Henry and the secret spy are?

Sorry, nope, as we expected, only two visible love interests are available for romance :<


What a waste lol!! I even could buy an IAP for those romances. I mean attractions are part of the text.

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Count zerov is a RO ?

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Thanks everyone for contributing. Has nobody figured out how to get Guardian Angel?

Is Zerov a character that changes genders based on identity?

When you select what gender the mysterious stranger is you effect the gender of the count/countess

I hadn’t realized! I feel a little better about the gender/orientation thing then. :blush: I was under the impression the Countess was only the Countess.

Hey, in regards to hats, if you haven’t managed to pick this one up, I think you can pick one up (or a wig/other clothing, if ya fancy) if you Ignore all the dialog options in Kavka and follow your luggage. You should come across the chance to open a hat box. Hope that helps!!

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