The Hero Unmasked Achievement help

Hi y’all I love love the hero unmasked game I love the combo of hero and reporting not too many of those but I need help wth the achievements thanks!!

What achievement exactly

All of them especially the romance the reporter one

I Know i need help with the Firebrand Romance is he only persueable by male hero? I only seem to to get the friendship achivement…

Okay, I got a fair number of achievements, let’s see what I can remember:
For the romance: I managed to romance Firebrand several times now, both with a male and a female PC (haven’t tried NB/genderfluid yet) I found that when confronting him the first time, after dealing with the house fire, picking ‘diffuse tension with flirty banter’ leads to him revealing he’s not interested in your gender (at least when playing as woman. Haven’t tried for other PCs yet). No matter how high the relationship was at the end then, I couldn’t romance him. I think asking him to help create a diversion at the casino drops the score, as well as letting him talk to Lee before. On a sidenote, I find it a bit sad (though comprehensible) that he seems more eager about the relationship should you choose to take up the Swashbuckler’s mask alongside your twin than when you pick your own hero.
I assume it’s similar with Bloodmist.
The one for the reporter (Romance Writer): Either by flirting with them the entire time and keeping their relationship score above the mayor, or by not pretending you are your twin towards them (including unmasking) and keeping the score higher.
The ‘James Bondage’ is achieved by, well, being a bit of a doofus about the whole hero business. Pick an approach to the fight your have no good score for for Firebrand and pick ‘lets finish this’ after the house fire. He’ll knock you out and tries to kill you. FunFact: you can STILL romance him afterwards. With Bloodmist it’s similar, give in when she’s kissing you or pick demanding she let’s people go and then offer yourself in the place (doubles as Spartacus Achievement). As for the King of Diamonds: Have either a low investigation score and eat the cookies (doubles as another achievement) or again pick a low score fighting approach with the goons.
Sidenote for this: I am almost a tiny bit disappointed there’s no achievement for having to be rescued by one of the other characters once you got caught.

‘Khaaan!’: I think this one requires a high/er ‘wild card’ and a remotely low charisma stat. When you break into the casino, don’t take more than two evidence, then make a run for it. fight the goons, but let Lee escape.
Tag-Team Buckler: Agree to your twins proposal to take up the Swashbuckler’s mask alongside them
Room for one more: Create your own hero persona when your twin proposes working together
Score One for Normality: Refuse becoming a hero
Better than one: Several ways: When the M/Patriarch kills your twin, dive between them (i think this requires low agility to work badly) or when they try to make an escape through a portal, try to pull them back with low prowess/follow with low agility. You and your twin will end up fused. When you are asked your name, just smile and pick the option that says you’re fine with this.
Finally tied the knot: Get married to the major in the epilogue
I want to be alone: don’t romance anyone
Judge Dredd: Arrest all the villains in the story, including the M/Patriarch. For Firebrand you need to pick an approach to the fight that will get you out on top (prowess, agility, tech-know-how and (i think) resolve, are the key stats for the approaches in order). Bloodmist is a bit trickier. As for the King of Diamonds, once you got past the goons (prowess, charisma, agility, tech are the keystats in order iirc) you need (in order, iirc) Tech, investigation/agility, charisma/police agent, agility, charisma. The M/Patriarch, obviously, mustn’t escape.
Christine Daaé: To Unmask Firebrand: search the church, the Father’s diary or the files (requires agi and investigation I think) to find his name, then investigate him. When you manage to best him, you can remove his hood to make certain. For Bloodmist: This one’s tricky. I don’t know what to do to spot her with the ‘watch and listen’ option, so your best bet here is a high (above 70 i think) tech rating. With the King of Diamonds: It should be enough to take pics of his wardrobe, whether or not you get caught and lose the evidence. Not 100% certain here though. the M/Patriarch ‘unmasks’ automatically.
Jean Valjean: Unmasking to RB and CR is obvious, but the Chief can be a bit tricky as that one requires to either catch Lee or have him get away.
A beautiful Friendship: Cooperate with either Firebrand or Bloodmist four times in the same playtrough. Scouting the casino (I don’t know which stat it is, but it can happen that they refuse) , having them distract lee (this one lowers your relationship), work with them at the auction and at the wedding.
Where’s the Kaboom?: Disarm Firebrand’s bomb in the beginning. agility lets you get a flashlight, investigation let’s you find what’s out of place. Don’t know which stats are required for the other options. Tech, I think, let’s you disarm it quickly.
Everyday Hero: Challenge Firebrand on top the station, with high prowess/agility.
And the Emmy goes to: With a high tech stat use one of the smaller cameras to film the encounter.
Exit stage left: With high charisma, get the people out of the studio. Prowess might work too, haven’t checked yet.
Harry Houdini: Escape from being caught by a villain. For Firebrand’s deathtrap you need high agility to get your knife, prowess to kick the door down, tech to activate the sprinklers, resolve to use the fuse to burn through the ropes. I don’t know if ‘rolling over the fuse’ actually works. For Bloodmist: Pushing the cage requires decent/good prowess/agility, taking the cage apart is tech, and swimming through the sewer is prowess and resolve, I think. For KoD: untying yourself is agility (i think), breaking the chair is prowess, the other too are charisma. they might also be linked to respected/wild card, but again, not certain. At the wedding, if you managed to make the switch, get help from your allies to get free from the bounds.
Too much of a good thing: try eating the pate with low resolve
Spartacus: Offer yourself in exchange for Bloodmist’s victim or throw yourself in the line of fire at the wedding
Poly Wants a Cracker: When you flirt with other characters, CR will react positively to you flirting with them in the catacombs, pick the option saying you’re fine with that and unmask. CR will be pissed, but call you the next day, offering an open relationship.
Jerrica BentonLike above, just don’t unmask.
King Kong: Climb up the tower to get into the office
This Site uses Cookies: Eat the gingerbread cookies with low investigation
Contra Mundi: refuse to work with FB/BM at the auction and fight off the mercs yourself.
Sir Percy Blakeney: After the auction, keep FB/BM from killing the respective other, either by tackling them, or talking them out of it (high charisma, i think, let’s you put the other behind bars, otherwise they escape.
Mrs Lovett: Don’t keep FB/BM from killing the respective other.
Svengali: this one happens when you team up with your twin, or when you have merged and am looking for a way to reverse that.

I don’t know how to get ‘Mr Clean’ though (I got it somehow, but since I miss either the first two or the last one) and ‘I used to rule the world’

EDIT: Still don’t fully know how to get ‘I used to rule the world’ but it requires you to become a hero in your own right.


is there anything more to the poly wants a cracker achievement? every time i try to flirt with the mayor after the bloodmist encounter they turn me down, even when their relationship score isn’t the highest because i’ve flirted with other characters.

I think flirting with Firebrand and/or Bloodmist won’t trigger it, but openly flirting with the reporter will (the ‘respond with passion’ and mean it choices after they kiss you.

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ok thanks, i’ll try it!

uhhh sorry to keep asking about this but i can’t seem to get it…

does this kiss happen during the date? if so, how do i make it happen? again, the reporter has the highest relationship score but it’s not triggering anything.

I’ll try again in another playtrough, but from atop of my head: You can flirt with RB at the studio (chapter 1), after the encounter with Firebrand (ch4/ch5). Flirting with CR to get the achievement comes after the encounter with Bloodmist

EDIT: Okay, did a quick playthrough:

I picked feeling pressured into the engagement, winked flirtatiously at RB on the show (didn’t flirt while watching the footage, though), and later responded to RB’s text like I would to a friend (I also filled Quentin in on me not being my twin) Then, concerning Firebrand, I said that that he’s quite attractive, kissed him, worked with him to save the old lady and then flirted with him afterwards. Back to RB then (saving them from the zombies) I responded to the kiss with passion, cause hey, what’s one more tangle? pulled out all the stop at the date, told them I hate the test-food, talked about the encounter and then tried cuddling with them (they unmasked me. Massive relationship drop) I apologised, talked to them at the party, saved CR from Bloodmist, flirted with them and picked the option saying your relieved (not the first one, that’s for the Jerrica Benton achievement). MC will unmask, CR will get upset but call you the next day.

i got it! thanks so much for your help! (and your patience)

You’re welcome.
Oh, and about the ‘I used to rule the world’ achievement:

I think this is an automatical one if you take up your own mask and romance RB as your new hero persona

It’s actually quite possible to romance firebrand as a female PC just don’t invite him to help the 2nd time they ask you but invite them to help out on the battle of the wedding.

Oh, i never meant to say that it is impossible to romance him with a female MC (I’d be surprised if I would think that, seeing how I hooked him up with my little Ellie :smiley: )
You can romance him perfectly fine when you invite him to the casino (even ask him to distract the KoD afterwards) and work with him at the auction, AND ask him to help at the wedding.

The bit I talked about is in the scene beginning before you go scouting and after the fire in the apartment:

I think you can not romance him if you picked either the first or third option (not fully certain) and the fourth one after the fire (even if you kissed him before)

Though i’ll have to try again to make certain.
But yeah, you can romance all ROs regardless of gender. FB is a bit easier for me, as BM is really tricky to romance sometimes. She seems to get easily miffed…

Oh, and about the ‘I used to rule the world’ achievement:

Unfortunately it looks like there’s a bit more do it than that as did exactly that but didn’t get the achievement…

however I would say that romancing RB as a new hero persona is my favorite RB ending… pretty sure that RB enjoys chasing after superheroes more than having a proper relationship

Also after finally romancing FB for the first time, I think the trick is that you need to have a higher relationship status with FB than with both CR and RB. No matter how high my relationship was with FB, the option would not come up at all until I managed to lower both CR and RB below him. BM is probably going to be the same way

edit-- had accidentally made this as a separate post last night (must have been tired), when I meant to edit it into this one.

I Used to Rule the World: Met the conditions for the Judge Dread achievement - send all the villains to prison - then in the epilogue, I chose to live a normal life without being a super hero and having a relationship with Clarence but not marrying him just yet.

Firebrand Romance Walkthrough
Short Version - Romance up Firebrand as much as you can while sabotaging things as much as possible with other romance options

Issue 1:
1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 - any - any - any - 1 - 1 - 5 - 2 - 1 - 3

Issue 2:
1 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 3 - 2

Issue 3:
3 - 4 - 4 - 2 - 3 - any - 2 - 1 - 3 - 1 - 3 - 2

Issue 4:
4 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 3
Clarence 64 - Robert 62 - Firebrand 59

Issue 5:
1 - 1 - 4 - 4 - any - 3 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1
Clarence 64 - Robert 40 - Firebrand 59

Issue 6:
1 - 4 - 2 - 2 - 4 - 2 - 4 - 3 - 1 - 2 - 1
Clarence 64 - Robert 46 - Firebrand 59 - Bloodmist 20

Issue 7:
3 - 1 - 1 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 3
Clarence 53 - Robert 46 - Firebrand 63 - Bloodmist 20

Issue 8:
3 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 4 - 1
Clarence 53 - Robert 46 - Firebrand 63 - Bloodmist 20

Issue 9:
4 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 4 - 1 - 4 - 1 - 3 - 3
Clarence 48 - Robert 42 - Firebrand 69 - Bloodmist 20

Issue 10:
4 - 4 - 3 - 3 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 2
Clarence 48 - Robert 38 - Firebrand 69 - Bloodmist 20

any? - take up mask alongside your twin or be a hero in your own right - Firebrand

Oddly enough I managed to romance Firebrand even if his ‘score’ is lower.

It might then relate to answering certain ways when encounter him. Just got Bloodmist followed her back to lair, fought some, make out kiss, get all romantic – may have helped that FB was in prison as relationship shot up to 79. She turned me down on casino date, teamed up w/ her against FB and didn’t use her during final battle

I’m missing the Hold Torch Up High which I assume involves being a doofus on P/M like not preparing and fighting to loose plus a few others that I hadn’t tried for as ways too busy trying to romance villains.

The casino with BloodMist is oddly tricky. Anyone know what to do there?
It almost feels as if it got harder since the last update (as before I never had problems inviting her, no matter what happened before, but since the last update she will usually voice she has no interest in it.

Also, on a sidenote on the update:

was it changed that the M/P possibly and secretly merges with you too? It felt as if their reaction to you trying and failing to pull them back/jumping after them was new.

My relationship with her was at 79, and she still turned me down on the basis of sunlight.

As for the sideone- I’m still trying to murder and merge with my twin, so dunno on M/P.