Lost Heir Romance Guide

Help I would like if somebody made a guide on who is available to Romance and who isn’t and how to Romance them

I think the only person that you can have difficulty to romance is Jess/Jace, all the others are easy. You can romance all your companions:

And you can have an one night with Suna/Suno with enough Charm.


Anyone is your Party, Jess/Jace is a big of a hassle, you’ll need to have high (60+ charm) or be an evil person, its nice to have both. Have a high relationship stat with them, its not that hard, pick flowers, side with them, flirt, be careful who you enter their tent at night, don’t enter Jess/Jace, or Peter/Petra’s.
It’s not very complicated there’s no real need for a guide.


I found jess so easy to romance

Suna/Suno?? Who’s that? Never heard of them before.


They are the weapon master.

They’re at the bar when you’re in Elmvale for the second time, when choosing what to do with your time, there should be the option: Talk to Suno/Suna.

Basically just kept my Charm stat high. That seemed to work well enough with all the characters.

And for Jess/Jace, when I was on a playthrough where I wasn’t evil, jumping in front of them to save them gave a huge boost to my relationship with them.

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Speaking of Jess/Jace can someone please please tell me how to Romance them? I seem to not be able too and I have high enough charm as well

Choose Peter/Petra for your childhood friend (the noble). Every time they argue with Jess/Jace, side with J against P. I think you need either 60 charm or evil, you should have enough relationship points from being nice to them.

Oh, and take it slow. It’s been a while but I’m pretty sure Jess/Jace won’t sleep with the MC until after the scene in the inn where you reveal your identity.

You can also have a night with the server (Steffany) at Karl/Karla’s hometown with 30+ Charm, and it gives +10 Charm. xD

btw, is there a way for Suno/Suna to train you without having 70+ Good stats?

I like being evil for the +20 Charm item and necromancy. xD

No, the only way to heal them is if you are good enough.

I think I healed them when I played a Priestess. So that’s an option.

I should note that, regardless of who you plan to end up with, flirting with both Theo/Thea and Peter/Petra/Gill/Gale up till the end of Ludd is a fast road to high relationship with both and an extra +5 or +8 Charm. Because in Daria, if you want to be able to talk to people, you need to get laid.:stuck_out_tongue:


Flirting with Karl/Karla gives a lot of points too.
I was in a relationship with Karl then I told Jess I love her and ended up with her. Karl took a -20 relations penalty but the relations were over 100 so even after the penalty they were something like 90. It gives a bit of a charm as well. As for Theo/Thea it depends on your stats. They prefer people with high charm/strength. If you have low charm and strength flirting with them actually gives penalties.

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True, but, if you can’t make 50 charm or 40 strength by the time you meet Thea, you’re not trying, and you can still get the +5 afterwards by playing both sides. (Your relationship with Thea needs to be 65, which is trivial.)

Some classes can’t get enough charm and strength I think (like assassin, priest etc). When I tried assassin I had something like 47 charm and not 50. When they introduce Jess/Jace don’t say you want to talk with them first if you don’t want to be with them though (if you reject them you take a big penalty)

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Any class can do it, though some are harder than others - and I agree that doing it with an assassin is a pain. Of course, Assassin is kind of a weaksauce class to begin with.

Has n e 1 romances Karl as a squire ranger? Can’t get my charm high enough because then I miss out on flirting w the server…