Lost Heir Romance Guide

If you’re romancing Karl/a, then you can’t screw the server and get +10 charm that way. That said, squires have an excellent Charm anyway and can easily get enough to do the dating do-si-do with Theo/a and their childhood friend (and then end relationships with both of them before you meet Karla again).

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So does having the one night stand with the server have sny negative impacts? My druid needs the charm boost.

The only negative is if you are romancing Karla, you will lose a lot of reputation with her.

apparently you can also cheat on your lover with lacey

in the third game I don’t manage to do it even with agility and endurance high enoughcan a good samaritan help me here please ?

I’ve not played through the 3rd game yet, but there’s a thread for general LH guides you might find helpful:


If im say im not atracted to anyone, i wont be able to romance?