About The Lost Heir 3

The romance options has their “soulmates” so let them, since they love them. So i advise you to be a loner cause the RO’s don’t even care about you if you let them go their canon route. You(the MC) were suppose to be the center attention.

Petra, “pure” and religious lady, chases after an griddy merchant. But when you romance her she will say “i always loved you but give me time please”. Let me translate, “i don’t love you enough”

It looks like Karla literally dumps you if you let her go with them elves. She wants to go, Like really?

Jess, not social, was always alone, uninterested, then suddenley starts flirting and stuff with some random ass dude. Why not MC?

I don’t know what happens with the cook’s Daughter/Son, and don’t want to know because i know i won’t like it.
Yes im straight.

The creators of the game, with all due respect you shouldn’t have done this, i never liked RO’s having true soulmate other than MC, at least you should’ve made RO/RO if you desperately wanted to add such a achivement. But i really am glad that you let us choose their gender.

They don’t have true soulmates. If you aren’t interested on them, why couldn’t they move on with their lives?
Every RO will prefer to stay with the MC than their alternate romance option.


I’m not sure I’m understanding the complaint. Are you saying the fact that the characters have romances with someone else if you’re NOT romancing them is a problem?

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I understand your complaint, you can easily avoid it by changing their gender to your liking, also about peter/petra if you don’t let them go after the merchant he/she actually agrees with you even if your main RO is not them. Before you judge know that if you romance any they’re not going to leave MC, literally, your MC makes an heir with the RO.
And you can marry. You can also NOT marry.

Hell, karla/karl can easily die and you can kill some of the other ROs because one of them can become something like red warrior. The power is in your hands brah.

I believe that stories where NPCs have relationships that can happen when the player is not involved are to be encouraged. They add extra flavor and freshness to the story. Books where the characters’ entire life and purpose revolve around the protagonist, with no agency of their own, leave a bitter taste in readers’ tongues.


Following your thought, MC doesn’t have “true soulmate” either. I mean, you can romance any RO.

:point_up:t2: Exactly. If you are complaining about the fact that “Life goes on” and each RO can move on with their life… With all due respect, you have a problem.


This is the biggest non-issue I’ve seen here in a while. That’s impressive.


Really? Complaining about POTENTIAL ro’s moving on with their life while they are in no way romantically bound to you?..You should know by now, that be it on a video game or real life,as long as that someone is not in a relationship with you,they have every right to try their hand with someone else.

Also,i don’t think you have realized that you have contradicted yourself…On one hand, you have rejected them and made it clear you don’t want them as your partner,while on the other you don’t want to see them with someone else? Come on Daniel…That’s problematic behavior to say the least…

PS. If anything,that makes the immersion better for me.Shows the world is alive and moves on…With or without you.


And also the reason why none of them shows first signs is because it’s in your hands. You want him/her? Do something about it. The game is designed like that so YOU yourself can choose freely…

Main your fav RO, don’t abandon just because they have alternatives…
Everyone has alternatives. You are a King in the game like come on now…


Such games are not about “ROMANCE DRAMA”
it’s cute to see your MC build a relationship.
This game’s story is perfect, allow yourself to be free.

I’m a straight guy too and to be honest, I’m not into wokeness or whatever it’s called, but in this case, I have to agree with everyone else. In fact, this author in particular is one of the rare gems that truly allows readers quite an awful lot of control over their characters. If you want to romance a character, simply go get them and make sure you have the right stats for the right situations.


I dont even know how this has anything to do with woke culture or sexuality. The poster is just upset that these characters will move on from the MC if they dont show any interest in romance. Which is, quite frankly, one of the dumbest complaints ive ever seen.

I dont see how any of that is woke.


And Beaterxys was replying to your statement. If you have a right to comment on other people’s posts, then other people also have a right to comment on your posts. No need to get aggressive about it.


do you think it’s “woke” to move on from a crush on someone who’s already dating another person?


Apparently they do.

Keep guessing. I bet you stopped reading my post when you got to the wokeness part.

The merchant is a prick, but on the whole I think that the alternative romances for the other party members make sense. I suppose that they could feel somewhat frustrating if one fails the romance, but that ship has already sailed in game three.

Who is the MC that you’re talking about?

is there a certain main character that i’m unaware of?

Bruh what. There is only one main character. Thats you

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