The Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors

bThis thread is to report any bugs you found Lost Heir 3: Demon War

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Thanks everyone!

So I’m playing through the game and enjoying it, but a repeating issue involves Amos’ pronouns. During a scene involving finding him in Thea’s room, his pronouns change to female pronouns and remain that way for the remainder of the game. I wouldn’t have a problem with this, except I named him after Amos. So I’m seeing things like ““What kind of woman do you think Amos will grow up to be?””

Hmmm, can you give me a copy/paste of the offending text so I can find it?

@LanaRose How certain are you that your child was female? The part where you ask what kind of man/woman looks to be correct.

I’ll get you a few pictures:

Edit: My child was male. It’s why he got named Amos.


There it is. It happened in LH2, but never got seen:

*set child_hisher “her” occured for the boy too.

I’ll have to put a fix in at the beginning of LH3 to fix that. Not sure why my beta testers missed it. Maybe they all had daughters? :slight_smile:

I’ll keep gathering these errors and put them all in at once. Thanks for pointing it out @LanaRose

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? How strange :confused:

Looks like the he/him work fine (I just checked), but his/her (and man/woman) not :thinking:

It’s the his/her for daughters that’s broken. I’ll fix it when it updates, but that won’t be until we find more errors or something really bad. :slight_smile:

There is a bug with the Shadowmage class. It says you need the Cloak of Shadows, 50 magic and wizard level 1 or 80 stealth and 1 level in thief or assassin. I have the cloak of shadows, 100 magic and level 2 in wizard, yet it says I couldn’t learn it.

Edit: Or was it just not phrased simply enough. Like since I met the wizard requirement I didn’t need the stealth stat but I still need 1 level in thief or assassin?

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By the end game, there is a save game interface that is clearly a leftover from the beta tests. May need to delete it in the next patch.

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I believe that the endings are all available.


[spoiler]Avoid the big blunders: Don’t ignore the call of your summoner. Don’t step through the rift. Don’t talk too long with Zusak and get your summoner killed.

As long as you win the battle and your summoner doesn’t die, you will win.[/spoiler]

Come over to The Lost Heir Trilogy and you can discuss with others who have found it.


Written: (Needed Cape of Shadows, 50 Magic, and 1 Level in Wizard, or 80 Stealth and 1 Level in Thief or Assassin)

You need:

  • Cape of Shadows
  • 50 Magic
  • A level in wizard
  • A level in thief or assassin
  • 80 stealth

Yes, it should read:
(Needed Cape of Shadows, 50 Magic, 1 Level in Wizard, 80 Stealth and 1 Level in Thief or Assassin)


Can anyone give me details on this? Is this my beta save game or is this COG’s save game?

Ooh I see, thanks for the advice :slight_smile: gonna go replay the game again with your tips in mind

I think he means beta save since this is the final version and there is no cog save

I’ve found it. :slight_smile: Yes, the beta save was showing up, although I don’t see why it should.

I’m suspecting that it’s because the savegame.txt file is at the end of my scene_list, so it’s going there even though it doesn’t get called.

  • The child’s his/her error is fixed.
  • The complicated Shadow Weaver requirement line is fixed.
  • The final save game option is fixed.
  • I reordered the final talk with Zusak so that ending the conversation comes first as yet another hint to stop talking.

These are the only known errors at this point, but they will be pushed through very soon. Thanks for your patience, everyone!


On the Steam version, my saves from Lost Heir 2 aren’t transferring over.

I just did the run throughs yesterday on Steam to prevent this, too, because I had issues transferring cross-platform saves before. :frowning:

I cant load offline saves from the previous game (The Lost Heir 2)
Is this an error or intentional?

Same here. Steam saves LH3 in a separate folder called 596540 instead of saving it in 439770 with LH1 and 2. So the game cant recognize if there was a save from a previous game.

Is there no way to load the saves?

…Not yet, apparently.