The Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors


Sadness… finally got game on steam, and still can’t continue my characters -,-


They are working on it.


Loading games via Steam should now be fixed. If you have having trouble loading saves via Steam, please make sure to verify that you have the latest version, either by restarting Steam, or by right clicking a game, selecting “Properties”, selecting the “Local Files” tab, and clicking “Verify Integrity of Game Files…”


Still not working for me.


Same. Verified 4 times and restarted 3.

EDIT: Even uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t seem to work.


The next list begins. :slight_smile:

When attacking hand-to-hand:
Your companions rush to your aid as you strike out at anyone who comes close. The bandits soon realize that you’re not easy prey, despite the fact that it’s your friends who are doing most of the killing. (Needed 85 Unarmed)
Ah, I have 100 Unarmed.


I’m reluctant to open the door to any real changes, but these two little guys may be added. :slight_smile:

There 2 things I would like to see implemented in this game:
1- The option to name the MC’s child after the Red.
2- The option to appoint Syndie for the Royal Mage position.

Note: Please don’t add requests here, although you can talk about them over in the other thread.

EDIT: On retrospect, I don’t think I’ll allow the naming of the MC after the Red. No other companions get their own option, after all. :slight_smile: You can still do it, if you wish, since you can use any name.


There is a continuity error here:
Thea draws her large axe.

Thea uses a war hammer, not an axe.


@Lucid some things I have seen :slight_smile:

This is more of an aesthetic thing; after this paragraph there’s a big space between it and the choices.

There’s something missing here.


Maybe i’m missing something, but i don’t have option to use Gaa’bon against Porter, while script has this option.

I’m demon summoner with 65 Willpower.

I’m pretty sure that I used him in second game to avoid Selina’s trap. Maybe this somehow affected variables?
This is sad, since it’s only option for my character to win this fight.

Okay, i actually looked at previous chapter script and noticed that i didn’t get option to use Gaa’bon ealier, too. When you need to find returning student’s room.

But i had option to use him to unlock door with Boots.

Both choices that not appearing in my game use variable *if ((demonstone_gaabon) and ((demonstone_gaabon_used=false) and (demonsummoner))) while scene with door simply uses *if (demonstone_gaabon)


Looks like the problem with the old savegames not showing up on Steam is still present, but I seem to have found a workaround: Start Lost Heir 2, start a new game and choose to load a save. Then click on retrive files and enter your mail. After that, there should be a new option called ‘Upload a save…’. After doing that, start Lost Heir 3, retrive saves with the Mail you entered before and have fun playing. Hope this helps some of you :slight_smile:


From email:
At one point on the boat, when it’s time to choose to kill the demon the game won’t allow me to make a choice. This happens directly after the major fight with the other boat.


Also I have another question I use high archery and unarmed but it says I don have enough for the final battle?.. also is there no way to not fall under zuaasks control?? Otherwise great story


@StarWarsMaster Can you copy/paste the text where it says your skill is too low?

No, Zusak’s control is absolute. He’s a master summoner, after all. :slight_smile: That’s all part of the plot. :slight_smile:


96 saves uploaded. Lol


As others have reported, Verifying Integrity of Game Files doesn’t work, nor does reinstalling it.

sighs This happened with the Steam version of Lost Heir 2 as well.

However, @Thrawn92, I want to give you a big thanks since your workaround well…worked.



Here’s what I did:

Accepted the first call
Ignored Zusak and immediately went back
Used Magic to kill the invisible demon
Told Petra to heal Pope
Accepted the second call
Called upon Auriel for help in the final battle
Went back to the Demon Plane and killed K’Girr (I don’t remember every choice I picked but just play to your strengths and you should be fine)
When the castle was falling, I pushed myself away from Zusak and called my dragon.


You can build up your Magic stats and when K’Girr grasps you, just burst in flame and he will be forced to let go (it will take 50 points out of your health though so be careful).


I did about the same as you, though I used my sword to kill the invisible demon, healed Pope myself with my Nature ability(I was given a +2 Nature and -2 Gale after that), gave my commanders last minute tips instead of calling upon Auriel due to my low Religion stats. I had no problems with killing K’Girr, mainly relying on my Max Blade stat to do it. My character is just a plain old assassin with only a warhorse for a mount, though I am curious to know how you got a dragon? I might replay the entire game just to obtain it, XD

Thanks for telling me what you did, it really helps


I’m more of an Assassin though, so my Magic isn’t too good. Also I’m horrible with maintaining my health, since I’m always only just preventing my character from dying :joy: