The Lost Heir 1: The Fall of Daria - Errors and Bugs

This thread is to report any bugs you found Lost Heir 1: The Fall of Daria

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Thanks everyone!

Can we encounter some slaves that we could save and become part of our group.

No slaves in Daria, but perhaps some in a neighbouring kingdom, we’ll see. :slight_smile: Please keep future suggestions/ideas/talk in the thread mentioned in the first post. I’m keeping this thread just for errors in Lost Heir 1.

Thanks to those who have emailed me more errors since posting this. I have a really good list of things I want to correct. I love the idea of fixing it up and making it less buggy for an update around the same time LH2 releases. :slight_smile: Lot of work, but worth it. I still haven’t started this project yet, my first goal is to finish LH2 first. Once I have that rough draft done, I’ll want to read the whole thing through. I might do some LH1 fixes then. After I’ve proofread the whole thing (probably will be at the 200k mark by then!) I’ll want to Alpha Test it myself. And THEN, I’ll send out the call for Beta Testers. :slight_smile: Making progress, but lots to do.

Can anyone, in great detail, break down the bug with the multiple lovers? I’m referring to Elmvale. I believe that going to bed with one person occasionally changes into another person, or something like that. Can anyone give me some specifics so I can squash it?

It’s a small thing, but when Karl/a is first introduced, the narration says they only moved to Elmvale a month ago. However, later in the story, if you tell off your foster parent for telling Karl/a your true identity, they say you’ve known them for years.

As for the multiple lovers thing, I skimmed through the code and couldn’t see how one character would be replaced with another in the bedroom scene, but then again I’m not really great at reading code. This is when you’ve just returned to Elmvale and invite someone into your room, right? Maybe it has something to do with the relationship values?

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It’s a small bug :bug: but if you travel with Jace (you clearly state the Soulburner is a man ) and give him flowers, later it says she’s saving them in her backpack when no one is looking.

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I have started in on the bugs! I fixed all of the above. The update won’t occur until around release day, since I want to tack on something about getting Part 2. :smile:

If anyone has anything else to add, please tell me.

I think I found the problem with the love interests. Asking Theo/Thea to dinner set his/her romance up too high, even if you ask out of politeness or as a friend. That made him/her very angry if you started seeing anyone else in Elmvale. :slight_smile: Oh, and Karl/Karla would go to bed with you without thinking about whether you were seeing someone or not.

After debugging Lost Heir 1 for about 15 hours straight today (my eyes hurt!) and hours more previously, I’ve learned that I have improved as a coder. :slight_smile: Wow, I wrote some really trashy looking code. I figure that some of it is almost 3 years old, since I started a little after Life of a Wizard. I took a break for Paradox Factor, then came back, then another break for Life of a Mobster, then came back, then another break for Chronos and Lunatic too.

Lost Heir was supposed to be my answer to Life of a Wizard. Same stat-building world but with a lot deeper of a story. :slight_smile: I have to say, after digging through the story again, there is a lot of stuff in there and it sure is messy from the inside. :slight_smile: Lost Heir 2 is sooooo much cleaner! (And bigger with even more stuff!)

I cleaned up a lot of the romance inconsistencies, fixed many empty stats, did some balancing of stats, reworded some poor descriptions and fixed some small spelling/grammar errors . The only plot change made through the whole thing was to confirm that Karl/Karla are not new to Elmvale. Also, it mentions more clearly that he/she is a great archer and is a good guide because he/she has listened to the tales of a lot of travellers who have come to his/her parent’s store.

Many many many thanks to @WolfieGrey for his keen eyesight and lists of bug sightings. :smile:

So, now I can go back to proof-reading Lost Heir 2. :smiley:

But please, if anyone knows of any errors from Lost Heir 1, let me know! I’m not sure when I’ll send in the update for the 100s of errors I’ve fixed in LH1, but the sooner I know of any other errors, the better. I suspect that the LH1 patch will be sent when LH2 releases so there can be a “continue with Lost Heir 2” link put into it at the same time. Although, to tell the truth, after cleaning it up so much I’m eager to get it out there. :slight_smile:

Necessary stuff, but I like creating new content a lot more. :wink:


Bit misleading. It says you and Petra own an expensive bow, but it doesn’t show up in inventory. I assume the only item you can have in the beginning is your prized possession, and practicing archery states you own a bow and only set it down next to the tray of food that the servant brings even if you have a different item as your prized possession. So maybe reword it to state a servant takes it away etc etc. Or give us a free bow lol.

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In the temple attacking with a sword or magic grants +3 to that skill, but using a bow doesn’t add any bonus.

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Thanks for the errors! The bow issue will be fixed in the update.

The arrows didn’t work on the skeletons and you get to try again, so no reward is given.

I’m still taking errors here, since I look forward to sending a big update when LH2 releases. :slight_smile:

Small mistake: After drinking with Karl in the tavern & if he refuses to spend the night with you, it says ‘Karl makes her way…’ It should be his not her.

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can* instead of might.

Remove "

When the damage you inflict exceeds Thujas health it does an additional -25 to 0 Thuja Health

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I noticed in the beginning when choosing your prized possession a Spell Book will give +20 magic, Sword +20 Blades, but a bow will give +10 archery.

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When choosing to immobilized the Troll with arrows it just went straight to troll health 0. Not -25 or -50 or anything of the sort. Not sure if that’s purposeful or a coding error. On a side note my first time actually playing as an archer ironic considering I’m actually a fan of archery and have practised it a bit.

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I found another small bug: I have 127 gold and I can’t afford the book of maps (it costs 125 gold ) from Jowal, the option is gray.

I’m playing as a male assassin, and I think it’s the first time it happened.

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I’m here to annoy again :sweat_smile:

The first time I saw it I thought nothing of it, but now I’m wondering if it’s a bug?

When you get the signet ring from your guardian it says (I can’t make screencaps with my phone :disappointed:):

This one is always there, regardless of your choices. I guess this is a bug? If you play as a girl, it’s your mother’s, and if you’re a guy, your father’s (because in the beginning it says that the most important person is you mother/father depending on your gender.

Also, when chosing to become a priest(ess) and having Sister Geri as your guardian:

You need a stop there.

And if you try to heal Suno by yourself (as a priestess), it says that you put hands on her stomach.

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Thanks! I’ll be finishing off the bug killing for LH1 next week and sending it in, so excellent timing! Thanks again. :smile:

Thanks for the bugs! I’ve finished correcting them and will send this in right now.

I don’t know when it will go out to the apps, since I also want a link to LH2 at the end of it. I’ll let CoG make that decision. :smile:

Thanks everyone!


Just a random big blank space.
Maybe an extra line_break+ (I think I’m learning lol)

Update has been sent in… :slight_smile: Not sure if that was fixed or not. I guess we should hold error reporting until the update. :slight_smile: