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Welcome to my thread! This is a place for me to talk about upcoming games that don’t yet have their own topic.

My Current Project: Life of a Starship Captain (WIP)

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  1. Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (WIP)
  2. Life of a Wizard
  3. The Lost Heir
  4. Last Wizard
  5. Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP)
  6. Life of a Mobster
  7. Paradox Factor
  8. Life of a Starship Captain (WIP)

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Catalogue of My Games:

Life of a Starship Captain: Life of a Starship Captain (WIP)

The Last Wizard: The Last Wizard

The Lost Heir Trilogy with Legacy Advantage: The Lost Heir Trilogy

Life of a Mobster: Life of a Mobster

Paradox Factor: The Paradox Factor

Life of a Wizard: Life of a Wizard

WIP Games:

These games are both currently on pause. I have dozens in my WIP folder, but these two made it pretty far before getting put on hold. This doesn’t mean they’re dead. I may return to this game once again.)

Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (WIP) This resource management game will will be very unique. Similar to Civilization and Warcraft, but in text form.

Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP) - CLOSED This is a fully functional RPG game with items, classes, levels, and areas to explore.

Bug Threads:

The Last Wizard Bugs: Last Wizard: Bugs and Errors

Lost Heir 1 Bugs: The Lost Heir 1: The Fall of Daria - Errors and Bugs

Lost Heir 2 Bugs: The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom Bugs and Errors

Lost Heir 3 Bugs: The Lost Heir 3: Demon War Bugs and Errors

Life of a Mobster Bugs: Life of a Mobster: Errors

Life of a Wizard Conversation and Bugs: Life of a Wizard

Paradox Factor Conversation and Bugs: The Paradox Factor


first like, and first comment. #DedicatedFan


Seems appropriate that I make this topic on my Cake Day. :slight_smile:

So I don’t have to recap, here’s the post that started it. This is the most I’ve shared about my upcoming games:

I’m working on my game for the big CoG contest. Currently I’m calling it The Last Wizard. It’s another fantasy story. :slight_smile:

I’ve altered a lot of things to try out their esthetic. Less stats, fair math relationships, no good/evil stat, and a few others. Despite being a little more like they view their games, it still feels very much like one of mine. I hope that doesn’t hurt me with the contest. :slight_smile: It’s going well. I’m about half done the rough draft. If I can finish it by Sept, Beta test Oct-Dec, submit in Jan.

The downside of it being a contest entry is that it won’t release until like April or so. I’ll likely return to my other project in that time: Life of a Starship Captain.


Does this have to do with Life of A Wizard? I’m guessing we’ll play as the descendant.

Anyways, good to see you developing another story! :smiley:


Thanks, @Sophia :slight_smile:


My “Life of” series have a few things in common that will tell you a lot about Life of a Starship Captain:

  • It’s an autobiography from childhood to old age.
  • It will be very tropey. :slight_smile: I like to try to get every piece of lore into the game. Mobster and Wizard both hit nearly everything I could think of. :slight_smile:
  • Lots of stats, endings, and replayability. I may get accused of Min/Maxing again (or Max/Maxing :slight_smile:), but that’s not a bad thing. It will be a little better, since I have some experience now and I’ll work hard to make no options “fail only.”
  • The above means: several playable alien races, starting as a lowly crew member and rising the ranks to captain, multiple ways to play and talents

But, keep in my, my first priority is the Last Wizard. :slight_smile:


The Lucidverse will continue. :slight_smile:

There will be Easter Eggs, for sure, but it will be a very stand alone game still. Kind of like how Life of a Mobster has a few things that show that there is some kind of connection.


First time hearing that term. :hushed:

I will be expecting the mc singing Despacito :wink:


There will be an option to be like Commander Shepard and say “We’ll bang, okay?”.

On a more serious note, will this game have more character focus like the first Lost Heir, or it will be like the others “Life of” games?


I wrote Life of a Wizard without having read anything but Choice of the Dragon. :slight_smile: I had no background at all, so I made it up.

I wrote Paradox Factor immediately after it. Then I started Lost Heir, but I didn’t like how it was going, so I jumped over to Life of a Mobster.

So, to answer your question, can you see the character improvements made from Wizard to Mobster?

Then I returned to the Lost Heir and for the last several years, I finished LH1 and wrote the other two.

First, I’m going to finish the Last Wizard. But after that, I’ll go to Captain, which I started making after writing three Lost Heirs.

To return to your question: I’ve grown and learned. So although it will have that fast-moving freestyle feel of the other Life of, I hope that my characters will feel deeper, more like Lost Heir. :slight_smile:


sigh So here I was, thinking I’d make a totally original space game, ready with characters and ideas and writing 20,000+ words, and then I find out @Samuel_H_Young is making a game with practically the same premise as my idea, and now I find out Lucid is making one as well! I give up. :cry:

Anyway, excited to see what all you come up with. I’m sure they’ll all be wonderful :sparkles:


Ah… Paradox Factor. The game which I believed was the wonder of coding. It took me a long time to see its wondrous quality.

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Write it anyway! :slight_smile:

I had the same feeling when I was writing Life of a Wizard and learned that someone wrote Wizard’s Choice. After I finished my game, I peeked at theirs. They are totally diffferent and I had nothing to worry about.

Happened again when I wrote Life of a Mobster and then learned that @Vendetta was writing Rise of a Gangster. In fact, I changed my title, which was originally Life of a Gangster, just so it would be a little different. Unfortunately, his game has been stuck in development for a very long time, but after I completed my game, I looked at his WIP. It was also VERY different from my own, so no worries.

After Life of a Wizard, I wanted to make a Zombie Game, a Superhero Game, and a Starship Captain Game. I didn’t make any of them because there were so many others like them out there. So, I went to Lost Heir.

Basically, these are all HUGE genres with lots of room for other titles. :slight_smile: We can have Star Trek and Star Wars, after all. There’s lots to write about, so make your game!!


Can I only ask one question since is The Last Wizard going to happen in a new world or will it take place in Daria.


And @andymwhy as well :stuck_out_tongue: but don’t worry about it. I’m sure it will be plenty different in its own ways. I have 70k for Colonising Kepler 62e: Paradox but I guarantee you’ll finish first because I’m focusing on other WIPs for the time being.


So, i guess I should thank alot of authors and their works for chance to experience one of my favorite CoG games(Lost Heir).

Needless to say, eagerly waiting for you new works, Lucid. But since it will take awhile, now I quickly need to find some other exiting things to forgot about this for couple of months …

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even though I find even though I find a DD aspect of life wizard bothersome it’s still one of my favorite life Sims on the market showing an perspective of the typical spellcaster in a DD like setting.


The game that nearly made me cry and scream in outrage.

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Will The last Wizard be set in Daria?? Also i’m really looking forwar to life of a starship captain! you’ll deal with the sci fi genre amazingly!

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The Last Wizard the name alone kinda makes me wonder what happened to the other wizard? Is there someone kinda group or Kingdom going after wizards or what, but for now we wait for only time will tell.

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@Envy and @joseph-mckane

Starship Captain is in the far future, but we may see references to Daria. Last Wizard takes place elsewhere, but same world, so there will be some small crossovers, but since it’s intended as a stand-alone, those references are just for fun. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed Paradox Factor. I love time travel and the neat things that can occur. I’d like to make another time travel game and see what I can mess around with. :slight_smile: