Paradox Factor

The Paradox Factor:

Old Artwork:

I’ve repurposed this thread in order to have a place to talk about the Paradox Factor.

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I’m looking forward to this. It’s a great game and I love how much of an improvement it is on your original version.

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I’ll wait for the finished product, since I’m one of those weirdos who blocks Facebook so they don’t get to track me :slight_smile:


Paradox Factor releases tomorrow or the next day!!

YAY!!! I thought it was next week from the release thread. Soon! I hope it sells well.

I’ll certainly be buying a copy and will contribute to the “selling well” part!

So it this game available to iOS only? Dammit, I knew I should have taken my iPad with me today!

Well, got my ipad fired it up, bought the game, and promptly got stuck. This is hard! I think I went through every combination I could think of and never made it past fifty. The concept is intriguing, but I think most people would rage quit after thefirst 20 minutes.


Looking forwards to playing the demo for this, I’m excited at finally seeing a Choice Game with time travel in it. If I can doing well enough someday I might try to write a Doctor Who-esque Unnatural style game.

It’s supposed to be tricky, like a puzzle. It’s more along the lines of Butterfly Effect than Doctor Who. :slight_smile: I see it in iTunes, but not on Google Play.

This must be a really tricky game. #:-S

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I haven’t bought it yet since it’s not available on the google store yet. I did play it before the beta though.

I loved how puzzle-like Paradox Factor was. It’s so very different from any of the other choice games and puzzling out what you have to do was part of the enjoyment for me. I did get stuck on it a few times but I didn’t mind so much, apart from one point near the end, but even then I managed to eventually work it out. If there was no puzzle, and you knew exactly what to do at each point, then it would be an extremely short game. But for me part of the fun was experimenting, testing things out, trying to find out the solutions that would let me progress further in the story.

It was tricky, at times frustrating, but I also thought it was such a great, different, game.

i judged that game and its amazing and engaging and with a really complex puzzle similar to old great graphical adventures of text adventures but without that horrible commands

@Jackrabbit, I also got stuck the first time I played, but persevered and finally found the way forward. It’s totally worth it. I’ll be buying it when it hits the Chrome store.

Edit: or apparently not. Just saw that this is too short for Chrome’s minimum price, so won’t be released there. Bummer.

Is the stats screen working for anyone? I find that it always says “You are very confused and don’t remember your past.”

It should be giving a brief synopsis of your life, as well as showing your name and age.

It also has Game Center Achievements, but they didn’t get put into this version due to an oversight.

Still not on Google Play yet.

It’s definitely a totally different style of game. I hope people enjoy it, for its uniqueness. People who like riddles and puzzles will persevere and hopefully enjoy the melancholic story. :slight_smile:

It just popped on Google Play:

Thanks @JimD

Was waiting for it on play. I will be back after I play through it x3

Be back later


is there any reason the game resets if you leave the app? The other games if I come out stay where I was.

Loving the game so far. Very interesting take on time travel. I’m stuck but enjoying trying to figure out what to do.

edit: just noticed I’m your first review on Google Play Store :smiley:

Still stuck! I was never good at puzzels, took me forever to get through Monkey Isalnd.

So far the stats screen is blank. Is it supposed to change after each segment?

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