Paradox Factor - Open Beta

Have you ever wanted to change the past? Did you ever feel that life wasn’t going the way it was supposed to? Paradox Factor puts you into the role of a young scientist who has uncovered the secret of time travel. Past loves? Terrible tragedies? Deceased friends? The choices are yours to make, but will you be able to live with the consequences?

Paradox Factor is a short nontraditional interactive science fiction story about time travel. I’m looking for beta testers.

It doesn’t crash (I hope), so I’m looking for other things: spelling, grammar, logic errors, improved descriptions, suggestions, better flow, better explanation…

If you are able to help me with these things and are the type of tester who will send me errors and suggestions (as opposed to just playing the game and telling me it worked), please email me at: mike_walter at bell dot net and I’ll send you the link. Please use my email and not the forum mail to send me feedback thanks.

I’m up for it. I usually have a keen eye for spelling and grammar mistakes, and should be able to help with the other things. Sounds like an interesting game!

As always, I’m happy to help.

When doing the closed beta it didn’t really look like much more needed ironing out. A second opinion could help, but I doubt you will need much more testing. Unless the game has changed, which I highly doubt, it should be ready for publish

Count me in for the beta test

I came across a few hiccups while I was playing; most of them had to do with the pronouns used for the player character and their love interests. There were also a few problems with keeping track of who was deceased and who was not.

I would offer to track those down more thoroughly, but I don’t have the time to beta test anything right now. Anyone who does offer to help should keep an eye out for those things, however.

I’m totally game to be a beta tester!

I’d love to help!

Oh my goodness, I loved this game. There was some pronoun switching like Tom says her… and other stuff but other than that I didn’t see mistakes. I liked the little mystery of figuring out what to do and I got the ending: Paradox Factor.


Your aware there is more than one ending? At least in the closed

I will help out.

@Embrisi @CS_Closet

Please, tell me where. :slight_smile: Email me where these errors are so I can fix them.

@Lucid I like what I see so far!

@Lucid I would love to help out!

EDIT: Apologies, in my haste I didn’t read the whole of the first post and didn’t see the bit about emailing you. Again, sorry.

It’s nontraditional… a bit of a risk. Darker too. I hope everyone likes it. :slight_smile:

Remember to email me for the link: mike_walter at bell dot net

I would love to help as best I can O:)

Updated. I searched for various pronouns ( “he”, “she”, “his”, “her”… etc), so I think I’ve found them and fixed them. I’ve gotten responses from two testers (thank you!), and fixed those too. I’m eager to find any and all mistakes. I’m a perfectionist (well, so my stories, anyway) and
it would frustrate me to leave any mistakes. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy for any other beta testers with keen eyes. See first message for instructions.

I’ve sent you a mail, if there’s room for one more I’d be happy to participate!

Sent you a mail I think hope there is room.

Evil junk mail filter!! About 7 people got clogged. All fixed now, everyone should have the link now.