The new game by @JimD is ready for beta!

Please write to me for access: jason AT choiceofgames

Please include your forum name in the email. Send feedback to ME.

Remember to provide actual feedback after playing. If you use the BUG function in the game to report an error, make sure to SAY WHO YOU ARE in the body of the email; otherwise, you won’t get credit for the report.

Tell us what works for you and what doesn’t work. If you say, “I enjoyed playing the game and didn’t find any errors,” that’s of no value. We have autotests to tell us that the game doesn’t crash. We want you to tell us what you don’t like about the game…what can be improved, changed, added, etc.


A JimD game about controlling time? I might actually be able to enjoy this enough to properly test it! I mean, unless it’s as horribly depressing as ZE…

Wondering if this is going to take a “Selling Time” turn at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, that’s a Will Smith movie… what is that movie about the guy who works at a supermarket and learns to stop time?

Bro, that movie was out there. :smile:

EDIT: @ballmot
Awww, Ballmot.
You didn’t have to delete your post. Army of Darkness was great! :blush:

This sounds cool I hope jason gets my email and also I don’t create a paradox and rip the space-time continuum to shreds.
(Nvm that sounds cool)

Yeah, that was it. Definitely a weird movie. Kinda creepy, but also kinda interesting.

It shouldn’t be as depressing as ZE :slight_smile: I’m no comedy writer though.

I was inspired by several TV shows about time stopping (Heroes, Twilight Zone, even Charmed) but pay no homages to Cashback’s supermarket scene.


WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS STATEMENT? “If you use the BUG function in the game to report an error, make sure to SAY WHO YOU ARE in the body of the email; otherwise, you won’t get credit for the report.”

Sorry, I’ve been forgetting to put my name in the body. I didn’t really think it was that important that we get credit for every bug we find. I didn’t think it benefited you guys at all to be able to determine who exactly turned in what bug report, and I don’t really care about getting credit much myself. I mostly just wanted to test the game and see if I could help improve it. I’ll try to remember from now on though just to in case it is important.

There are two aspects to what Mr. Hill is saying.

One is, yes, receiving credit for your report.
The other aspect is confirming that you’re actually sending feedback.

From what I know, Mr. Hill keeps a list of beta testers; those who do not send feedback are potentially restricted from participating in future beta tests.

So, if Mr. Hill is receiving reports but doesn’t know who the author is, complications arise.

It’s a learning experience, so no biggie, but we’ve got to make the best effort to adhere to the guidelines to make the experience as smooth as possible.

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Should I talk about how the game can be improved in this thread or would it be better if I used the “Report Bug” Button?

Edit: Ok, understood.

@ballmot please send feedback to Jason.

@Shoelip as Packet stated and based on what I know of testing, Jason wants to know who is helping and who wants a free game.

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Please, refrain from discussing the game in this thread.
Send reports and feedback, in an e-mail, to jason@choiceofgames.com.

If you’re going to use the “Report Bug” feature, make sure to include your username in the body of the report. Otherwise, the report will be sent anonymously.

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Whenever I think of a game about time-manipulation, I think of a Steam game called ‘Life Is Strange’.


Would be really interesting in doing this, I actually tried bug-testing for the new ZE but it still never updates for some reason.

Mostly posting because I can’t remember my username, on account of hardly ever posting.

I am having problems accessing the game to beta test. I for some reason it won’t accept my username and/or password.

You have to use the username and password in your email.

Jason sent you a message saying:


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New version is up addressing a number of the bugs that have been found already.

Do we have to start over?

Probably. If you’re in the middle of a playthrough when I update the files, you’ll probably crash.

Thanks for all the comments and typos so far.