Killing time -- alpha testers needed

Send feedback to the author and cc me on it.

Author’s email is ericbonholtzer AT hotmail

Im in need the link

Read this:

I dream of a day when people will read the thread at the top of the page saying “READ THIS FIRST! SERIOUSLY!”

I think jason must put a Not read this if you are minor. Mature content +18

I bet 99% of people would read it lol =))

Probably I know I probably would

I have read it I was planning on emailing the author but didn’t get around to it

Read it again and it will explain what you need to do in order to alpha/beta test games. Follow the instructions in step 1 first.

I read it about 5 minutes after I joined the forums and took a look around. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a new version of the first vignette up, if you already have access. But otherwise I’m winding down the alpha test.

The crashing bug has been fixed.

I was away for the weekend, which is why it wasn’t fixed more promptly.