Godsgate—musicians, ziggurats, and monsters—seeking testers for private beta


I’ve started a new game, with an eye towards submitting it to the Choice of Games contest if all goes well. I have a rather early, short working demo, and I would love for a few alpha readers to cast an eye over the first half of Chapter One and let me know their impressions.

You can post here, or PM me, if you’re interested! And I’m happy to answer questions about details via PM if anyone would like a bit more context before offering to have a look and give a bit of feedback.

The first couple of chapters are up for beta—I’d very much appreciate a few extra eyes, if anyone fancies!


You’re talented enough to do all three projects. I have faith in your awesome writing ability.


Me!! I could help I guess


Ya, I’m sure you will be an ace. Just don’t yell at her too much :wink:


I have to yell lol. If not how i coul give properfeedback? Good feedback has tons of capital leters exclamations and cursive.


What do you mean by a “bit” of feedback? Regardless, sure, I have some time.


Thank you, @poison_mara! And thanks @Eiwynn for the encouraging words; I appreciate it. (:

@COGZealot Well, it’s not as if I have an upper limit. Feedback that would be helpful to me would be anything like one or more of the following:

‘I liked this because of X and I want to see more of Y,’ or ‘I don’t like this because Z’, or ‘I think passage A needs fixed because B is insufferably dull/incomprehensible/decidedly in need of work’.

Any of that would be extremely useful to me. Just, something so that I know I’m on the right track, or if not, which way to turn.

Mostly, I want to see if the premise and setting are engaging and clear before I pour too many more thousands of words into this game. But I’ll PM you with details and a link, if that’s all right? And thank you awfully!


Yes that’s fine. :smiley: Never tested before so I was wondering what I was getting myself into. :wink:


Ah, all right (and goodness, in that case, thanks even more so!). Just like on the forums, I should think, only in PM form until I have whipped this story a bit more into shape. Thanks so much!


I 'd like to help too. Im always excited for new and fresh stuff. It would be the first time for me to help in this kind of material. I hope i can serve you well.


I’d like to beta test for you again.


Same Here man I would love to beta test your game!


I’m interested, definitely! ^^ Besotted with your writing style, would love to help with the process as much as I can. :slight_smile:


I am totally up for testing this.


Thank you, all! This is perfect. You really are all the best. (And @Mim, dear me, thank you for the compliment!)

I’m closing this up for now, as I have enough volunteers currently. Thank you so very much, everyone!


Aw man I was just gonna ask to join :confounded:


Ach, sorry! I’ll reopen it eventually when I’ve integrated the current feedback and I have a good portion of new material to share.


It’s okay thanks. I just got home lol this was one of my first stops for the forum. :neutral_face:


Do you want this thread locked for now?


Yes, that would be fine, and thank you.