Short rusalki game, looking for a few testers


Hi everyone,
So, I kind of have a short game that I’m really not quite sure what to do with. I wrote it as a “mood piece” for Abysm’s veil and it’s probably no more than 5000 words all up at a guess, so pretty sure HG’s won’t take it. I may submit it elsewhere, or add it on as an extra to Abysm’s veil when that finally gets done.

Anyway. I went back to it, and I think it’d be worth polishing up a bit to see if anyone else likes it. It needs a bit of fixing up to make it playable but should be relatively minor. Hopefully within the next few days at most. If anyone is up for a private beta test it’d be appreciated? (I may or may not make it public later, it depends what I end up doing with it and what everyone thinks of it. It’s short so not sure how that will go down.)


Hi Jacic, I’m happy to have a look at it, starting from next Friday or Saturday!


I can take a look at it.


You have my support - whatever you need, just ask.


I’m interested in testing this.


I’d be interested in testing it.


Thank you everyone for the help! I’ll send a link your way :slight_smile: